Kelly collects at Eastern Star


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Oct. 10, The Emerald – Stableford

After our last round here there were a few grumbles regarding the condition of the course but today the majority of players were happy with the layout.

Bill Bertram.
Bill Bertram.

The fairest equal cut in the two divisions came at 8-17.5 and 18.2 plus and with 35 points Pete Sumner returned the best score of the day to win division 1.  William Chang was second on 33 points and Colin Aspinall took third with 28.

Bristol boy Bob Poole topped division 2 with 32 points, John Hughes was second two points behind and in third place came Marty Aronson with 27.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Alan Bissell, Paul Butler (2) and Pete Sumner, and (Div 2) Magne Gunnarson, John Hughes (2) and Bob Poole.

Pete Sumner birdied the 13th and Bob Poole the 15th to carry off the rollover ‘2’s pots.

Wednesday, Oct. 12, Burapha – Stableford

Upon arrival at Burapha there were a few major tournaments going out before us, but to be fair the marshalls were on the ball and we were allocated the C and D nines and teed off only ten minutes behind our scheduled time.

Dave Horne won division1 with 33 points and Pete Sumner took second place after beating Paul Butler on a 17/14 back-nine count back, both with 32 points overall.

Marty Aronson was on top of the podium in division 2 with 32 points, three ahead of John Hughes in second and Bruce Gardner beat Ray Hucknall on a 18/17 count back after they both finished on 26 points each.

In the near pins, Pete Sumner and Jerry Sweetnam in division 1 were closest on C5 and C8 and in division 2 Ray Hucknall and John Hughes won on the same greens.  Nobody in either division today managed to hit the D2 and D8 greens in regulation.

Marty Aronson and Ray Hucknall birdies C8 to share the ‘2’s pot division 2 while there was a rollover in the top flight.

Friday, Oct. 14, Eastern Star – Stableford

The numbers are creeping up slowly again for this time of the year and we had seven groups out today with the cut set at 6-15 and 16 plus in the two divisions.

Frank Kelly.
Frank Kelly.

Bill Bertram, playing off 8, scored 18 points on the front nine and 19 on the back to win division 1 with 37 in total.  Dave Stockman, now off 10, came in second on 34 and of course in the frame again was Paul Butler in third with 30.

Frank Kelly’s 36 points topped the division 2 scoring, with Tony Thorne two points behind in second place and John Hughes in third with 33.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Don Mumford, Seil Peter and Pete Sumner (2), and (Div 2) Magne Gunnarson and Frank Kelly.

Don Mumford and Jerry Sweetnam both birdied the 13th to share the first division ‘2’s pot and Frank Kelly scooped a bonanza after his birdie on the 17th gave him sole possession of the division 2 four-rollover jackpot.