Karen and Ted sparkle at Crystal Bay


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Dec. 16, Treasure Hill – Stableford

The scribe had not been to this venue for some time so was interested to see how the time had treated the course.  One thing that was certain, the players themselves wanted to go as the list was overfull for the day and we had to close it early to keep the number of groups at a manageable level.

We were away off the first tee on time and the course was not overly crowded so we were able to get around in good time.  It was however very windy so the play was great in one direction, but difficult in the other.  And the course?  Well, all in all it was in good condition; the fairways were reasonable, the rough was hard to get out of and the greens were fast and true.  What more does one want?  Well no wind maybe.

Karen Brown (left) and Ted Morris (right) with a BJ’s Holiday Lodge helper.Karen Brown (left) and Ted Morris (right) with a BJ’s Holiday Lodge helper.

So to the results and we found out that B Flight had way out-performed the A Flight.  In the A Flight the winner was Rob Brown with 32 points ahead of a count back on 29 points that saw Mashi in second and Peter Blackburn in third.  In fourth was John Harrison with 28 points.  Rob Brown asked me not to mention he won with 32 points, so I will not!

In the B Flight the winners put up a better performance.  Taking the day with 37 points was Brian Gabe ahead of a count back on 35 points that saw Derek Brook in second and John McDowell third.  In fourth place was Stephen Newton with 31 points.

Near Pins: Derek Brook, Mashi, Richard Kubicki, Rob Brown

Long Putts: John Harrison, Brian Gabe

Friday, Dec. 19, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Tis the season for holiday golf and Tropical Golf has been quite busy lately.  It took some effort to get the transport organized and once again a rather large group headed out on Friday to Crystal Bay.

Crystal Bay is in very good condition, and the only minor complaint was that some spots were a little brown and dry – something we haven’t come across in months.  On the plus side, the previously disappointing showers in the clubhouse have been renovated and are functioning perfectly.

The weather cooperated this day also, with a breeze strong enough to affect some shots but also keeping people cool.  With such favorable conditions who would have the sense and skills to take advantage of the A and C nines?

The large turnout allowed for generous prize giving, and we ended up in two flights with five prizes in each, plus near pins and long putts.

In the B-flight (19+) the winner was Karen Brown (36) with an impressive 40 points.  Coming second was the ‘Silver Fox’, Barry Oates (24) with 35 points, beating out Jim Ferris (20) and Barry Elphick (22) with the same total on count back.  It pays to finish strong.  Rounding out B-flight was Brad Robbins (19) at 34 points.

A-flight came in with impressive scores, and in the end Ted Morris (14) took the honors with 39 points.  Next was John Hackett (16) with 38, while Landis Brooks (10) took third over Paul Sharples (14), both with 37, and finally Rob Brown (10) finished fifth with 36.

Near Pins: John Davis, John Hackett, Mick Coghlan, Mashi Kaneta.

Long Putts: Dick Warberg, Mashi Kaneta.