JP top man at the Valley


Sunday, Dec. 25, Green Valley – Stableford

Lewiinski’s Golf Society

A Flight

1st JP Gasser (13) 42pts
2nd Eddie Sargent (16) 36pts
3rd Dave Boran (13) 36pts
4th Pat Regan (16) 35pts

B Flight

1st Albin Wirsch (24) 38pts
2nd Colin Davis (22) 37pts
3rd Marcus Earp (28) 36pts
4th Werner Pausch (24) 35pts

Near Pins: No 8 Barry Wellings, No 12 Dave Boran, No 16 Dave Boran.

Once again the conditions were ideal for golf, not to hot and a nice cool breeze.  A fine field turned out for the Sunday bash which required two flights with four places in each.

Green Valley management have started to redesign the course, removing a lot of coconut trees on the first five holes.  The greens today were very good but the ground staff forgot to turn off the sprinklers on the first seven holes.

All this did not deter JP Gasser as he repeated the previous week’s winning score to top A Flight and take the match honours with a splendid 42 points.  JP was one of only two players to better their handicap and was six strokes clear of fellow A Flight contenders Eddie Sargent and Dave Boran.  Dave conceded the count back as he had also picked up two near pins.  Co. Dublin’s favourite son Pat Reagan rounded out the flight with a steady 35 points.

The other player to better his handicap, Albin Wirsch, took the top podium spot in B Flight with a fine 38 point.  Albin was trailed into the barn in one stroke increments by Colin ‘the donkey Davis, Marcus Earp and Werner Pausch.

JP Gasser.
JP Gasser.

Monday, Dec. 26, Pattana – Stableford

A Flight

1st Florian Orth (14) 43pts
2nd Sean Larner (21) 37pts
3rd Paul West (17) 36pts

B Flight

1st Marcus Earp (28) 38pts
2nd Colin Davis (22) 34pts
3rd Tommy Penrose (32) 33pts

Near Pins: Marcus Earp, Paul West

The well-presented Pattana course witnessed another fine day’s golf from Lewiinski’s and Colin’s golf bar.  This time it was the turn of the B & C layouts to present the challenge and they did not disappoint, even though the greens were slower than usual.

On this occasion it was A Flight that provided the man of the match in the shape of Florian Orth who posted a fantastic 43 points.  Florian was followed up the podium steps at a distance by Sean Larner with 37 points.  Paul West rounded out the flight with a steady even par round plus a near pin.

Marcus Earp stood atop the B Flight podium with a fine 38 points plus a near pin.  There should have been three near pins but a dog took one off the green and played with to the extent it was unreadable.  Marcus was four clear of the Donkey and a further stroke clear of Tommy Penrose.


Wednesday, Dec. 28, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Roger Emery (15) 40pts
2nd Walter O’keefe (13) 38pts
3rd JP Gasser (14) 35pts
4th Matt Polkington (14) 34pts

B Flight

1st Paul West (17) 38pts
2nd Tina Orth (23) 37pts
3rd Jim Ferris (21) 33pts
4th Barry Oats (24) 31pts

C Flight

1st Torben Lindgraad (29) 40pts
2nd Frank Penrose (28) 31pts
3rd Mogens Jenson (40) 29pts
4th Stuart Hall (31) 27pts

Near Pins: No 2 Florian Orth, No 8 Oliver Orth, No 12 Walter O’Keefe.

Another large contingent meant there had to be three flights with four places in each to be played over the Bangpra layout.

Roger Emery in A Flight and C Flight’s Torben Lindgarrd showed real class in the hot and humid conditions and on the slick greens as they had excellent 40 point totals to share the man of the match honours.  Walter O’Keefe followed Roger up the A Flight podium steps with38 points, JP Gasser followed Sunday’s fine win as he took the third podium spot with35 and Matt Polkington closed the flight a further shot in arrears.

Frank Penrose was nine strokes adrift of Torben as he took C Flight silver, Mogens Jenson took the third podium spot with 29 points and Stuart Hall was glad to see any part of the podium with his 27.

The laurels in B Flight went to Paul West with his fine 38 point effort.  Paul was one stroke clear of the belle of the bar Tina Orth.  Jim Ferris took the third spot on the podium with 33 points as Barry Oats was left to tidy up the flight with 31.


Friday, Dec. 30, Silky Oak – Stableford

A Flight

1st Paul West (16) 45pts
2nd Florian Orth (14) 39pts
3rd Matt Polkington (14) 38pts

B Flight

1st Sean Larner (20) 42pts
2nd Tina Orth (21) 37pts
3rd Colin Davis (21) 35pts

C Flight

1st Albin Wursch (22) 46pts
2nd Paul Garby (24) 40pts
3RD Werner Paulch (23) 33pts

Near Pins: Tina Orth and John Dalby
Long Putts: Andy Kelleher and L Russell

It is obvious to those of us who run golf outings in Pattaya that the high season is here.  Not only are we seeing raised rates at the courses but also all of a sudden the registration sheets to play are filling up as soon as they are put up on the board.  And so it was again at Lewiinski’s and Colin’s golf bar as a packed list headed out to play Silky Oak.

The course was in good condition and the weather was warm with a slight cold breeze so all was set for a great day’s golf.  The scores were excellent and C Flight provided the man of the match in Albin Wursch with an unbelievably 46 points.  Albin needed every one of them as A Flight’s Paul West shot a terrific 45 points for his second victory this week as well as a third pay widow visit.  Paul was six clear of the man on form Florian Orth while Matt Polkington closed the flight on 38 points.

Paul Garby followed Albin up the C Flight podium steps with a rock solid 40pts, leaving Werner Paulch to tidy up the flight.

Sean Larner was standing atop the B Flight podium with a fine 42 points and was five strokes clear of Tina Orth.  The Donkey rounded out the flight with 35 points.