It’s ‘Bomber’ Harris again


Phoenix Members Golf Society

As we started off today, Tuesday, July 16, the rain started also and for the next three holes it looked like we were all going to get a good soaking.  This was not the short storm torrential downpour that we all identify here in the tropics but a steady, sharp rain, reminiscent of the type we get in Europe, or certainly in the UK.  The only difference being it is warm rain here rather than cold freezing stuff.

I think if the rain had started 10 minutes earlier we may well have thought about cancelling the day.  The sky did not look good.  However, because we are such perfect godly (or Buddha) people, the rain abated and the skies started to look a little bit more like Thai skies.  With just a very slight shower somewhere later in the day it turned out to be a great day on the fairways of Phoenix.

Tuesday winners pose with the staff at The Relax Bar.Tuesday winners pose with the staff at The Relax Bar.

Such is the nature of the position of Phoenix compared to the rain patterns that the carts were still being allowed on the fairways.  It would appear that courses like Green Valley, St. Andrews & Plutaluang must bear the brunt of most of the heavy showers being surrounded by mountains.

Safely back and his feet firmly fixed on the fairways of Phoenix, Peter ‘Bomber’ Harris won the day with a fine 38 points.  In second place was our very own John Bartley with 36 points and in third was Bob ‘The Boston Burglar’ Neylon with 35.  Taking fourth place was our new knockout competition organisor, John Clift, and running in at fifth was Mukesh ‘Mr. Consistancy’ Thakkar with 34 points.

Near pins prizes went to Stuart Gordon, Bob Neylon, John Bartley & Sergio Volpi.  The latter possibly being the better one on Lake 7 hole which was nigh on impossible to hit against the wind.

Stuart Gordon, who claimed one of the near pins, thought that he would win two by going on to birdie both holes, only to be beaten by someone behind.  Must have been J.B!

Lucky draw prizes (donated by our hosts The Relax Bar) were awarded to Stuart Gordon, Drew (son of Harvey) Trewarn, and Joris Goetschalckx.

Due to Drew Trewarn leaving us to go back to work and earn his father’s fortune (I always thought sons spent their father’s fortunes.  Mine tried anyway, but lost), we awarded him with a free Society shirt.  Well his father did pay for them all!