It feels like High Season at Bangpra Golf Club

We have had enough of solo photos of Moxey, so here is a flashback to January 2020. Moxey’s first Green Jacket, with Paul Durkan (L) and Masa Sugaya (R).

PSC Links Golf Society
Tuesday, Dec. 8
Bangpra Golf Club

Bangpra Golf Course was a busy place when we visited Tuesday.

Apart from Public Holidays, which today wasn’t, and the odd tournament, this was as busy as we have seen a course since lockdown. At our previous visit two weeks ago, we were almost the only customers.

A local four-ball started out ahead of our first group and moved very slowly. We had a lot of waiting for the next shot. When that group stood on the fourth tee, we decided to skip that hole and come back later.

Consequently, after going to the fifth tee, we had an uninterrupted run until, whilst on the fourteenth fairway, we spotted another four-ball on the fifteenth fairway, and then a six-ball teeing off at the fifteenth, oh, oh!

However, these groups moved at very good pace and we had no hold ups for the rest of the trip. We then went to play the fourth to complete the round.

Steve Moxey had a frustrating run of ordinary scores whereby his handicap blew out to #13, for which he said he felt embarrassed. But after a good win at Khao Kheow last Tuesday, he has regained his mojo and went on to record 35 points, the best score of today’s round.

Mike Firkin had a win last Thursday and just missed the top spot this time where his 34 points gave him second spot.

Paul Durkan probably won’t believe he finished on the podium with 29 points, but he did. Third place was his.

Winners at Bangpra

1st Place – Steve Moxey (13) – 35 pts
2nd Place – Mike Firkin (21) – 34 pts
3rd Place – Paul Durkan (7) – 29 pts

After our last visit we commented on the great condition of this course. Again today, our eight players were in agreement of just how good this is, and still at the very good price of 1450 baht all-in.

The greens look spotless and run truly with good pace, and there were some testing pin placements. In fact, a couple of people likened these greens today to the fast, tricky, Pattavia greens. You really needed your best putting game to handle them.

So, the question is: Are we starting a ‘high season’? Maybe not, but it was good to see a course with so many players making use of a fine, cooler day on a terrific golf course.