Ishihara bids sayonara with a win


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, March 7, Greenwood A & C – Stableford

CSS 72

Division 1 (0-15)

1st Steven Downes (6) 38pts

2nd Jens Gunnarsson (12) 34pts

3rd Jun Ishihara (11) 34pts

4th Mark Williams (7) 34pts

5th Brian Beaupre (5) 33pts

Division 2 (16+)

1st Patrick Scullion (20) 35pts

2nd Ben Jackson (16) 34pts

3rd Hal Hart (19) 29pts

4th Terry Hodgkiss (25) 29pts

5th Markku Tynell (22) 29pts

So a very slow high season is obviously drawing to a close as the numbers start to drop and even the prospects of playing a top quality golf course at an extremely reasonable cost failed to stop the downturn.  Just two divisions were required on Monday, with the cut set at 15 and below for the first.

Jun Ishihara.

Steven Downes made the best of his farewell week of a very productive holiday, as regards golf results, having managed to win a few events whilst dropping down into the category one handicap listing.  On this occasion he won the first division by a clear four shots ahead of some very good competition who were led in by Jens Gunnarsson, after he won a three-way count back with a better 22.

Jun Ishihara then took third with 18 and Mark Williams was fourth with 17.  That left Brian Beaupre in fifth another stroke behind them.

The second division was claimed by Patrick Scullion, as he is at last coming into some form ahead of his imminent departure back to Erin, with a one over handicap return, winning by one from Ben Jackson.  There was then another three-way count back which Hal Hart won with 17 and he was followed in by Terry Hodgkiss in fourth with 15 and Markku Tynell in fifth, with 14 on the back nine.

There were no 2s in the second division but Paul Hubbard had one in the first division plus Allan Hanlon had an exceptional one on A8, a 428 yard dogleg  par 4 when he struck a sweet five iron on and in.  It was worth more than just a share of the pot but the memory of it will stay for some time.

Wednesday, March 9, Pattana B & C – Stableford

CSS 72

Division 1 (0–16)

1st Jun Ishihara (11) 39pts

2nd Paul Hubbard (10) 37pts

3rd John Sutcliffe (16) 37pts

4th Kevin Townsend (12) 37pts

Division 2 (17+)

1st Hal Hart (19) 41pts

2nd Peter Pereira (18) 38pts

3rd Mike Hill (21) 38pts

4th Markku Tynell (22) 34pts

Patrick Scullion.

Another top quality course in excellent condition was the test for the day under a blazing sun that needed the players to find as much shade as possible, but a strong breeze helped with both the scores and the conditions.  Once again two divisions were needed but with the cut coming at 16 and below on this occasion.

Jun Ishihara saved his best for his last round on this visit, going three under handicap to win by two from Paul Hubbard in second place after the latter won a three-way count back with a best 21.

John Sutcliffe took third place with 20 on the back nine and Kevin Townsend, happy to find himself in the first division once again, was fourth with 17 after he had started the front nine looking a likely winner.

Hal Hart had the best result of the week at five under handicap to lead in the second division by three clear ahead of a count back between Peter Pereira, who took second after scoring 13 on the back six, and Mike Hill, in third spot, with 10 after they had halved the nine in 18 apiece.  That left Markku Tynell in fourth some four strokes adrift but well ahead of the rest of the division.

Once again there were no 2s in the second division but Bob Heath had a magical moment, when he saw his rescue no. 4 club settle at two feet from the hole (there was considerable discussion in the bar afterwards when the length varied between that and thirty-one feet) and he then jabbed in to grasp the loot in the first division, (again that varied from stroked to chipped).

Friday, March 11, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Vincent Gras (18) 36pts

2nd Mark Williams (7) 36pts

3rd Alan Griffiths (13) 35pts

4th Paul Hubbard (10) 34pts

5th Markku Tynell (22) 32pts

6th Dick Heaney (15) 32pts

Steven Downes.

For the last outing of the week the numbers were reduced even further, requiring just the one division to take on a redesigned Pattaya Country Club that gets better on every visit as the greens grow into their new layouts and offer some very challenging prospects.

Vincent Gras returned once again and on this occasion topped the podium after a very quiet build up during the previous evening’s preparations for the trials ahead, which he then made up for on the way round.  The plan seemed to work well as he came back even stronger to win a count back with a better 20 to 19, consigning Mark Williams into second place as he had thought he had done enough to win with his strong finish.

Alan Griffiths took third place another one behind the leaders and one ahead of Paul Hubbard in fourth, which left Markku Tynell in fifth after he won a count back over Dick Heaney with a better 19 to 15.

There were no 2s in the first division but George Oakley made sure of the largest slice of the huge rollover pie in the second division after he slotted in two, on the inward half, to deny Markku Tynell a bigger share as could manage just the one.

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Vincent Gras.