Irish Larry dons green jacket


Pattaya Links Golf Society

Wednesday, March 8, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Connie Walsh (12) 36pts

2nd Peter Wilson (8) 36pts

3rd Jacob Cummings (7) 35pts

4th Kevin McEntee (9) 35pts


B Flight

1st Steve Westmoreland (22) 37pts

2nd David Bibby (25) 34pts

3rd Dave Cooper (19) 31pts

4th Barry Elphick (24) 30pts


2’s: Maurice Roberts, New Satita, Peter Wilson


Mountain Shadow was available and ready for the 45 Pattaya Links golfers to descend on its well mown fairways.  We have been a little critical of the course condition recently, but this day we found the fairways and greens in good order.  The rough is still ‘rough’ and hard to hit out of, but that’s what it’s about, I guess.  As my friends suggest “don’t go in the rough”, thanks!   Some thought the greens were a little slower on the back nine, but we can adjust, can’t we?

As with any golfing group around Pattaya, and especially with the large numbers we have had recently, it becomes very difficult to organize if players who are driving cars to the course don’t get themselves and their occupants to the starting tee in good time.  After spending time to set up the playing list for the day, and then having to redo and redo again on the first tee because all or some of a group have not arrived confuses not only the “Captain” of the day, but the other players” physche” is thrown out when they are rushed to start before they are ready.

So, how did we score on the day?  Well, 3only of the 45 players managed to equal or better handicap.  Connie Walsh equalled handicap (12) with 36pts to win A Flight on c/back over Peter Wilson (8) while Steve Westmoreland (h/cap 22) piled on a big 37 points to take out B Flight and get to wear the Green Jacket for best score of the day.  There were, in fact, some very good scores in the 30s so we can give the course a #1 and the Players a #1. Win-Win.

Tragic story of the day: Yours truly arrived at the course only to be told that my golf bag was still at the bar and not on the bus as planned.  OK, we can rent a set from the club.  Oh dear!  Upon opening the zipper I found I had rented a set of steel shafted clubs, the driver was a #1metal wood, then a 3and a 5 metal wood.  What is this?  And a 4-iron?  Needless to say, these clubs made me a worse golfer than I already am.

On a brighter note, we had 3 people score a “2” today and shared the booty.

From left: Billy ‘the wig’ Hill, New Satitia and Larry Slattery.
From left: Billy ‘the wig’ Hill, New Satitia and Larry Slattery.


Friday, March 10, Crystal Bay – Stableford

A Flight

1st Larry Slattery (18) 40pts

2nd Phil Davies (11) 37pts

3rd Adam Barton (13) 36pts

4th Karl Flood (16) 34pts


B Flight

1st New Satita (19) 37pts

2nd Richard Dobson (23) 35pts

3rd David Bibby (25) 33pts

4th Anders Soekjaer (19) 32pts


2’s: Larry Slattery, Phil Davies, Mike Davies, Colin Service.

Connie Walsh (left) with Steve Westmoreland and Billy Hill.
Connie Walsh (left) with Steve Westmoreland and Billy Hill.

Busy morning at Links Bar as many golfers prepared for the trip to Crystal Bay, 34 players were raring to go.

Check into the pro shop was easy, as always at Crystal Bay, and unbelievably my clubs had arrived with me. (I personally put them in the bus).  After a quick change it was down to the first tee (C1) where the golfers were milling around waiting for their turn to tee off on this slightly warmer and a little windy day.

As the A course is closed for renovations, we, as has been the case for a while, played C and B in that order.  The B course recently went through its own renovation and we find the difference in the 2 nines distinct.  Not to say C is not a good golf course, but once you get to the much quicker greens on B and the slightly more lush fairways, the game plan needs to change somewhat.  But isn’t that a way to keep us thinking?

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon, and how fitting that the best score of the day and to become the wearer of the Green (Emerald) Jacket was an Irishman by the name of Slattery, Larry, that is.  His 40 points was the top score for A Flight, followed 3 points in arrears by Phil Davies, still in fine form.

After a few games down on form, New Satita came right back with a very good 37 points, to take out B Flight from Richard Dobson, who had 35 points for the day.

Larry was presented with the Green Jacket by Phil, who then went in search of the next head to wear the “Wig”.  Phil decided that, since he liked it so much last time, it will go again to Billy Hill.  And proud he was.