Impregnable form


The Backyard Golf Society

Last Friday’s game at Emerald for the Backyard lads showed the fickle nature of the weather around here, with our group seeing nothing but blue clear blue skies while Pattaya apparently had a rip-snorter of a storm.

Taking advantage and winning the main competition again was ‘The Impregnator’, playing his last game as a single man as he heads off to see Irish and Manny Pacquaio next week for the wedding.  The same player also won the near-pin money on the 15th.

The skins saw our latest player, ‘Who B.Rought Him?’, win 8, with 5 to ‘Second-hand Bob’, 3 to ‘Diet Whiskey’ and singles to ‘The Impregnator’ and ‘Irish John’.  Irish’s birdie on the 1st hole also won him the 2 rollovers from the previous week.

Mr. Oddie was a notable (it was so quiet on the course today!) absentee today, having decided that the latest dating Asia download from Bangkok was more important than golf, something none of the other players could understand at all.

Our numbers will swell next week – literally – with the return of Delia from Norwich but we will lose ‘Second-hand Bob’ back to Portobello Road.