‘Ice Man’ thaws the Valley

Alan Thomas & Jim Swander.
Alan Thomas & Jim Swander.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, Feb. 11, Silky Oak – Stableford

Division 1

1st Colin Smith (11) 37pts

2nd Steve Boyle (10) 35pts

3rd Jim Best (13) 33pts

Division 2

1st Mike Koh (20) 39pts

2nd Jim Swander (19) 37pts

3rd Mike Lam (20) 36pts

Colin Smith, who doesn’t fluster easily and is one of the more competent golfers at the TRGG, has been posting scores in the low-mid twenties for the last couple of weeks but today his game finally came together and he climbed to the top of the leader board with a very respectable 37 points. In division two it was Mike Koh who was leading the way and he needed all of his 39 points to take out the top spot as the strong finishing Jim Swander was hot on his heels.

Tuesday, Feb. 12, Green Valley – Stableford

Division 1

1st Alan Thomas (6) 41pts

2nd Paul West (12) 36pts

3rd Mike Rushant (11) 36pts

Division 2

1st Mike Lam (20) 39pts

2nd Joe Stranks (15) 34pts

3rd Jim Best (14) 38pts

Alan Thomas, affectionately known as the “Ice Man” because of his unflappable attitude to the game of golf, shot a brilliant one over par off the stick as he cruised to victory, amassing a brilliant 41 points.

In division two Mike Lam was continuing his winning streak as he produced a very respectable 39 points.

Wednesday, Feb. 13, Greenwood – Stableford

Division 1

1st Neil Wilkinson (12) 37pts

2nd Bob Newman (10) 36pts

3rd Kwon Young-Jun (12) 35pts

Division 2

1st Jim Swander (19) 39pts

2nd Gerry Myers (15) 35pts

3rd Vinnie Connellan (15) 34pts

Today it was division one’s Neil Wilkinson and Bob Newman who fought it out for the top spot. Neil had twenty one points on the front nine and was busy writing his victory speech, completely unaware that Bob was coming home strongly and within one shot of spoiling his party. However, Bob couldn’t quite get there and Neil just managed to hold on and earn himself a the coveted first place with 37 points.

Over in division two it was the man from Phnom Penh who was giving us Pattaya boys a lesson in golf. Jim Swander who came second on Monday, made another appearance on the leader board but this time took out the number one position with a fine score of 39 points.

Thursday, Feb. 14, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Division 1

1st Mike Rushant (11) 39pts

2nd Paul West (12) 36pts

3rd Ian Bell (8) 35pts

Division 2

1st Lawrence Lee (15) 37pts

2nd Masao Ishikawa (15) 34pts

3rd Ger Lodge (16) 34pts

With Tuesday’s third place finish already in the bag, Mike Rushant did what he does best and ploughed his way to the top of the leader board with a superb 22 points on the back nine to finish the day with an unbeatable 39 overall.

In division two it was Lawrence “Of Arabia” Lee who strode over the dunes of the Lakes and Ocean courses on his camel and annihilated the Bedouin opposition on his way to a glorious victory.

Friday, Feb. 15, Burapha – Stableford

Division 1

1st Takahashi Akira (8) 35pts

2nd Bob Newman (10) 35pts

3rd Paul Hansberry (9) 34pts

Division 2

1st Vinnie Connellan (15) 35pts

2nd John Baxter (17) 34pts

3rd Jim Swander (17) 32pts

Every white tee marker was right next to the blue one today and the course was playing to 6700 yards! The extra length certainly had an effect on the scores and out of thirty-five players not one person shot their handicap.

A very surprised Takahashi Akira took out first place in division one with a mere 35 points. Being an eight-handicap he was probably the only player in the field who was hitting irons into the par fours whilst us mere mortals were hitting rescue clubs.

In division two Vinnie Connellan was up to the challenge, he struggled on the front nine with only fifteen points but worked it out on the back nine and chipped and putted his way to victory.

Saturday, Feb. 16, Pattavia – Stableford

Division 1

1st Ole Baadsgaard (9) 36pts

2nd Takahashi Akira (8) 35pts

3rd Ian Bell (8) 34pts

Division 2

1st Frank Hughes (21) 35pts

2nd Kevin Peggs (18) 34pts

3rd Eddie Townsend (17) 33pts

The early start today at Pattavia suited Ole Baadsgaard as his 36 points gave him his first win in eleven outings. In division two the newly arrived Frank Hughes got off to a great start with a first place finish in his first game back.