Horizontal Pattaya rain chases all but intrepid few off course


PSC golf from Billabong
Wednesday, 14th April
Green Valley
It was a dark and storm day at Green Valley. It’s not often the ladies shy away from a challenge; in fact, this would be the first time they have walked off without finishing the round. Although it must be said, the wind drove the rain horizontal and made conditions very uncomfortable to say the least.

The first group of male golfers succumbed after 10 holes, but there were some intrepid golfers out there that stayed the distance and finished the round very wet but still alive.

A field of 16 starters with only four finishing. Not bad for such weather.

Coming in second place was never-give-up Micky Beresford with 30 well-earned points. He was beaten by one of his playing partners, Eddy Beilby with 32 points. Now considering it was raining solid for most of the round those scores are very good indeed. Well done lads.