Henning flips form at Plutaluang


Golf from Cafe Kronborg

A Flight (0-22)

1st Henning Olsen (16) 40pts

2nd Takeshi Hakozaki (14) 37pts

3rd Kjeld Ravn (17) 36pts

4th Ronnie Ratte (17) 35pts


B Flight (23+)

1st Jan Badura (27) 36pts

2nd Jan Lovgreen (24) 34pts

3rd Torben Sorensen (26) 32pts

4th Peter Hammond (25) 31pts


Near Pins: N3 Jan Lovgreen, N6 Elias Magnussen, W3 Thorbjorn Asmundsson, W8 Mike Allidi.

Long Putts: N9 Kenny Chung, W9 Kjeld Ravn.

Henning Olsen (left) and Jan Badura (right) with Dave Richardson.
Henning Olsen (left) and Jan Badura (right) with Dave Richardson.

Cafe Kronborg played at Plutaluang Navy on Monday 9th January, where the overnight rain had given the course a good soaking and the ‘lift, clean and place’ rule was upgraded to include ‘excavate’ as a precursor.

The group played North and West nines, usually considered the better of the 2 courses, and despite the rains the course wasn’t in bad shape at all and the greens fooled a few people with their quick pace, especially on downhill putts.  Early in the round the air was heavy with moisture and shots weren’t going as far as normal, making club selection key.

The scores laid witness to the difficulty of the course and the conditions, with the A flight winners having good scores and the B flight struggling a little.  Perfect lies helped somewhat.

The A Flight winner was Henning Olsen with the best score of the day, a superb 40 points.  This overturned his recent form which had seen him struggling in his last few rounds and questioning his ability to play golf (we’ve all been there).  He told me he relaxed today and his swing reappeared, ah the power of the easy golf swing.  Takeshi Hakozaki was second with a solid 37 points, being the only other person to beat their handicap and third was Kjeld Ravn with a fine 36 points, hitting the ground running with this being his first game since arriving back.  Fourth place was decided on count back with Ronnie Ratte taking the podium with 35 points, beating Jesper Rasmussen with 18 versus 15 points on the back nine.

B Flight victor was Jan Badura with a fine 36 points, the only B flighter to make their handicap.  The ever-present Jan Lovgreen came second with 34 points and the ubiquitous Torben Sorensen made 32 to take third.  The count back for fourth place saw Peter Hammond making 31 points with 14 on the back, beating Kai Aabling who had 13.