Hard day at the office


PSC Golf from the Billabong

It was a hard day at the office today at the Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club, playing the Mountain and Ocean loops on a beautiful day. It was only a little hot at times but a lovely day out all the same.

With 4 groups playing we got away right on time for a leisurely day out. The scoring was not really up to standard as only 3 golfers, and I use that term very loosely, scored more than 30 points.

The course was in grand condition but if you were off the fairway, just finding the ball was a miracle itself. With 8 pairs of eyes looking there was still a lot of balls left out there for the greens staff to find with the mowers.

A count back was needed for the minor placings between Serge Straeten and Chris Dodd with Chris having the better back nine to take second prize and Serge took third. Now the man who is scintillating at the moment scored 34 points to take top spot. Dave Bramley was that man.