Hamilton hammers the medal


PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, August 31, Green Valley (white tees) – Monthly Medal

1st Kevin Hamilton (18) net 63

2nd Micky Beresford (18) net 65

3rd Ken Hole (17) net 69

4th Paul Pauloff (7) net 70

We are officially into the “Rainy Season” now and have barely had a drop upon us.  September is (allegedly) the rainiest month of the year here in Pattaya, and for once we would love to have some of the wet stuff which is already long overdue.  We have seen very little precipitation anywhere and things are getting pretty dry at many courses.

Green Valley, however, is holding up pretty well under the circumstances.  Today we found the course in generally good nick, save for the slow greens.  I have always found that when one encounters slow greens, one should hit the ball a bit harder.

A real chicken dinner for Ben Denham and Darren Stanton.A real chicken dinner for Ben Denham and Darren Stanton.

It was our TGC Monthly Medal here today and a field of 24 of Pattaya’s finest put Green Valley to the test.  Paul Pauloff (is his sister’s name Paula?) turned in a respectable 70 to get a podium finish, with Ken Hole (my new best friend) in with one shot better and a 69 for third.

Now we can only imagine what must have been going through poor Micky Beresford’s mind… a 65…well that should easily be good enough for the win and a new shirt, shouldn’t it?  I mean c’mon man; I would have already had the money spent!  I would have been writing my acceptance speech on the way in.  I would have got all puffy chested and towel snappin’ in the locker room.  But that’s just me.

Fortunately, Micky is far cooler than I and took defeat gracefully.  It was Kevin Hamilton who rained on Mick’s parade when he turned in a card with a big red 63 on top!  Jeez, we haven’t had a score that low in a couple of years when Brett Chan did the same.

Kevin had a strong finish and birdied the 17th and 18th with long putts that ended in the hole, so what can you say?  He had a magic day on the course and is the deserved winner of our Antigua MM shirt with his first star on it.  Congrats to you Kevin, for a fantastic round of golf!

Wednesday, Sept. 2, Greenwood (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Ben Denham (3) 40pts

2nd Darren Stanton (18) 35pts

T3rd Peter Thomas (18) 33pts

T3rd Dave Ferris (21) 33pts

T3rd Allan Pang (18) 33pts

Hey, it’s like déjà vu all over again as we see three lads tied for third just like the previous week at RGV.  Peter, Dave and Allan all hit that 33 number to creep on to the podium.  Darren Stanton is back after a far too long absence and had a good day for second place.

The big story this day was long hitting 3-handicapper Ben Denham, who blew away the field with a 5 stroke win to hit that magic 40 point mark.  Aussie Ben has been playing with us for the last year and did good today as he saw Greenwood suit his game to a tee.

Friday, Sept. 4, Pleasant Valley (blue tees) – Stableford

1st Phil Smedley (10) 29pts

2nd Allan Pang (15) 27pts

3rd Ben Denham (3) 22pts

A small turnout for this venue today led us to choose the blue tees for a change, hence the low Stableford scoring.  The golf course was in fairly good shape, and fairly priced.  It was a welcome sub-four hour round that got us back to the club by 3:30.  We had another day of good weather, but it did get a bit hot at high noon as a cloudless day saw the sun beating down from above.

Our own fearless Captain Phil was a terrible host today as he swept the field with a mere 29 points for his first top place finish in a long while.  Regular visitor Allan Pang took his second podium spot of the week to end a happy and quick visit to our sleepy little fishing village.  Ben has had better days, but when you get to the podium, that’s not so bad is it?

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