Grindvold grinds out winning round at Greenwood


PSC golf from The Golf Club Sports Bar

Monday, Sept. 19, Green Valley – Stableford

1st John Emmerson (11) 37pts

2nd John Pierrel (13) 37pts

3rd Joe Mooneyham (16) 36pts

Four groups headed down the 36 this morning to test the links of Green Valley.

Finally, the whole game came together, the back nine was stronger, and thus our TGC partner John Emmerson snatched this week’s victory on count back.

Last week I wrote that 39 would normally be enough for a win when writing of our second place finisher Mick Beresford, and that was true today.  Timing is everything, not just on your swing, but your entire game.  But today Johnny got to the top on count back over John Pierrel who has been traveling Thailand and playing golf all over the kingdom.  Emmerson’s 19 on back was 2 better than Pierrel’s 17, so ring the bell pal!  You actually had good reason to bum a cigar from Warboys this time.

John Emmerson & Joe Mooneyham.John Emmerson & Joe Mooneyham.

It was great to see our PSC golf chief Joe Mooneyham out with us and playing great golf with his 36 points for third on the day.

Our buddy from Hawaii, Kalani is back with us for a couple of weeks now, so Mahalo, man.

For the record, the proper stableford count back criteria is back 9 total points, if tied then back 6 total, if still tied then back 3 total, if still tied then last hole total, if still tied then highest points on the #1 handicap hole.  There are actually 4 more stages, but they are rarely necessary.

Wednesday, Sept. 21, St. Andrews – Stableford

1st John Pierrel (13) 39pts

2nd Henry O’Brien (18) 35pts

3rd Terry Wagner (20) 31pts

Not content with his second place finish on Monday, John Pierrel set his standards high and came out the winner of today’s competition.  John played some very consistent golf with only one blob on the card.  Shooting a 39 on this course is quite difficult, so well played to John.

Bob, Mark, McHugh, Roachie, Jez & pals after Friday’s trip to Greenwood.Bob, Mark, McHugh, Roachie, Jez & pals after Friday’s trip to Greenwood.

Henry O’Brien has been playing well of late and an 18 handicapper that shoots 35 here has had a very good round of golf.  Terry Wagner got away with a third with his 31 points, but some days you just get lucky sneaking that one in.

St. Andrews is one of the best courses we play in Pattaya.  It never ceases to impress with its beautiful vistas of the Rayong hills.  The course was in very good nick today and the weather was overcast, making for a cool and pleasant day of golf on a great track.

Friday, Sept. 23, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Jack Grindvold (5) 37pts

2nd Gareth Gill (7) 35pts

3rd John McHugh (9) 35pts

It was TGC partner Johnny McHugh’s birthday today, so a very special outing was on the agenda for this trip out to Greenwood.  McHugh sponsored the four long drives, something he usually excels in… but not today.  There was that silly rule about drives having to be in the fairway he forgot about.  Sorry about that birthday boy.

Long time buddy Ernie MacInerney took 2 of the LD’s.  It’s a shame the Dalai Lama didn’t play today, big hitter, the Lama.  A rare appearance by Joe Sebastian on the golf course was noted, good to see the lefty back in action as he apparently had a great back nine after 6 months of cobwebs on the bag.

It was one of those days when you wished you had shares in Bacardi, as the Breezers were flowing like the Pattaya floods of the past week.  But the star of the day was our own Jack Grindvold who won with a great round, a Cinderella story if you will.

There was a trio of single digit handicappers on today’s podium.  These guys make few mistakes, so Jack’s victory was that much sweeter.  Well done Jack, our favorite Swede, and don’t worry, that new Ikea in Bangkok will be open next month.

Greenwood was in spectacular shape and we will be returning next month, so watch for the October schedule soon.  Keep it in the fairway lads!

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