Greenaway in the groove


PSC golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, Jan. 13, Greenwood – Stableford

Monday saw us go up 331 to Greenwood.  We were about 15 minutes late in starting and it was a very slow day out, playing from the white tees at 6500 yards it didn’t seem that long with plenty of run on the fairways, but the scores weren’t that good so maybe it did play the distance.

There were no ‘2’s so the prizes went down to fourth place.  It was a big thank you to Lloyd for running the show today with the Capt out with back troubles again so thanks mate for your help.

Glyn, Cottee, Tubs, John and Paul Greenaway.Glyn, Cottee, Tubs, John and Paul Greenaway.

Taking fourth place today was Chris Dodd with 33 points, edged out of third by Phil Waite on count back.  Coming in second was Alan Beck with 35 points and first place went to Owen Walkley with 36 points.

Wednesday, Jan. 15, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley is our usual venue for Wednesdays and as per the normal we got away on time on a very hot day.  We were joined today by our Russian friend Always Gobinoff, he kindly said he would go off in a five-ball as he and his friends were all travelling in carts, although they did lose a hole on the way around it wasn’t too much of a worry as we all got off the course in under four and a half hours, which for this time of the year is quite acceptable.

There was also some fun as the Russian gentleman took off for the bar but left his good mate Richard Steadman at the golf course.  We have all seen a golf bag left behind but never a golfer and to make matters worse he had left his phone at the bar on departing for golf.

I suppose you have heard the saying, “I only came to play this course today as there were a few trees I didn’t hit the last time I was here”.  Well my good mate George Barrie did this with every rock going down the 11th hitting every one on both sides of the fairway and still managed to bogie the hole.  All in all a fun day was had by all with the banter back at the bar.

The course is in great shape and the greens as usual were very slippery making three-putting easy.  The scores were very good, with Wayne Cotterell, Peter LeNoury and Glyn Davies taking sixth, fifth and fourth respectively, all on 36 points, John Player garnering third with 37, Mark McDonald second with 38 and taking line honours today was Paul Greenaway with a great 42 points.

There were three ‘2’s today coming from John Player, Bernie Stafford and Ian Heddle,

Friday, Jan. 17, Pattavia – Stableford

Pattavia, well what can you say?  Since the new management took over the course has just got better and better, but the greens are just something else again, some almost unplayable they are so fast.  In saying that, some of the boys played it to their advantage.

Brian Maddox, Willim Lasonder and Phil Waite.Brian Maddox, Willim Lasonder and Phil Waite.

Today we welcomed Geoff Stimpson along with his mate John O’Keefe for a game and it was good to see ‘kick ass’ Kev back doing his thing, playing the last three holes in par with two shots each hole to shut down the challenge of Capt Bob and Shutts in one fowl swoop.  Good one mate!  But there will be another challenge on another day.

Jim Grieve came in fourth place today with 36 points, one behind Brian Maddox in third, while Phil Waite lost out on top spot to his good friend Willim Lasonder, both on 39 points each.

There was only one ‘2’ today coming from Wayne Cotterell.

Note:  The Billabong Golf Bar is situated just off Siam Country Club Road looking straight down Lake Mabprachan.  Give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 if you are looking for a game.


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