Great Scott tackles tough Khao Kheow


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Sept. 3, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Well, we were off to Khao Kheow to play the B & C Nines.  The B Nine had been closed for several months for renovation and has only just reopened so we were looking forward to playing it.  I am told the A Nine is being rested and the areas that are in need of repair are in hand.

Naturally, as we were going to test out the new B Nine the list was more than full, and we were pleased to see we were to have several ‘good’ players with us.  It seemed like the near pins were to be put under pressure. So we jumped into cars, and of course the van, and got underway.

Max Scott (left) with Rita Zoebelli.Max Scott (left) with Rita Zoebelli.

Arriving at K.K. it was a quick change and out to the first tee, that just happened to be B1.  The first thing we noticed was that it was still a bit wet, so ‘lift, clean and place’ was in operation.  I remember this 9 holes being torn up for months while it was re-laid, and there are still many areas where G.U.R. is laid out, but you can see the improvements that have been made.

Given time the B Nine will mature and become a fine test.  For now, some of the fairways have a little growing to do and the grass needs to thicken up.  Still, a fine test and the greens are also growing in so are not fast enough yet but still challenging.

Then it was onto the C Nine, which was as we all remember, and I have to say it is my least favourite of the three nines, probably because I play it so badly, as I indeed did on this day.  A great front nine and an abysmal back nine left me quite disappointed.  Call it a meltdown … or old age!  Still, we had a great round and really enjoyed the day.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time to get the results underway and we were to find that once again the course had given the golfers a real good clobbering, except for one.

In the B Flight we had the lower results, however the winner was that delightful lady, Rita Zoebelli with 33 points on count back over Max Bracegirdle in second.  In third was Barry Oats with 30 points.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, we had the best score as the winner was Max Scott with 39 points, a good round indeed off such a low handicap.  Then in a count back on 34 points, Robert Prineas came second over your scribe Derek Brook in third.

Near Pins:  Paul Smith (2), Derek Brook, Tom Harrington

Friday, Sept. 6, Eastern Star – Stableford

This is a fine course with a very tough reputation, so it was not a surprise that the fear of a drive back on Friday night also had some effect on the numbers.  However, after a late muster at Bert’s it was a good drive down to the course with relatively light traffic.

Max BracegirdleMax Bracegirdle

Eastern Star was very well presented and is well worth a visit.  So it was a quick book in and onto the first tee.  As said, the course is in great condition at the moment, so not much to say negative, however a course in great condition is not always one that produces great results.

If my memory serves, I always remember this as the most difficult place to play a good round on for me.  During the early years the par 5’s used to destroy me and it was very rare that I did not return a 7 on all of them.  You have to hit constant good shots and a bad one will destroy you.  It’s a really fine and testing course.

Back at Bert’s for the results and as is usual, apart from one player, the course thumped the rest.  The winner with 37 points was Max Bracegirdle ahead of Dick Warberg in second with 31 points and Mashi Kaneta in third with 30 points.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins: Max Bracegirdle (2)