Great Pattaya golf score in windy conditions


Arch Armstrong takes top spot at Green Valley PattayaPSC Golf from Billabong
Friday 18th December
Pattana Golf Course
Monthly Scramble

The monthly scramble was held a week early because the last Friday of the month fell on Xmas day. The venue was the lovely Pattana golf course on an extremely blowy day. There was a howling gale blowing when we teed off which might have done a little to make the scoring more difficult.

The third hole on the A side was averaging one golfer out of the four who would make the green on a par three over water into the wind. One golfer who will remain nameless decided he was playing an individual round and he took some convincing by his playing partners to make him play from the correct spot. Alcohol has a lot to answer for at times, doesn’t it.

With seven groups playing and only 1st and 2nd to aim for, the scoring for the prizes was very close. Sandy, Prae, Greig, and Peter Thomas taking his wife’s place, scored 63.2, which just got them into 2nd spot ahead of Jeff, Helmut, Graham Beaumont and Gary Ritchie with 63.4.

The winners by quite a margin were Tony Oakes, Wayne Cotterell, Selwyn Wegner and Eddy Beilby with a net 59. That amounted to 32 and 33 front and back nines; a great score indeed in the windy conditions.

I must add a bell ring or two ensued from both winning groups.