Gilroy wins back to back


IPGC Golf from the Tara Court

Sunday, April 30, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Russell Gilroy (19) 34pts

2nd Paul Pavloff (6) 33pts

3rd Russell Goldsworthy (5) 33pts

4th Kevin O’Sullivan (15) 33pts

2’s: Russell Goldsworthy and Tony Dire.

Russell Gilroy.
Russell Gilroy.

We were back here at Green Valley today for another hot day’s golf.  Although there is ongoing work at the course we found it in reasonable condition and everyone was happy with it.

Maybe it was the heat but the scoring wasn’t great, with Russell Gilroy coming out the winner with thirty four points.  We then had three players on thirty three and on count back Paul Pavloff, who had an unexpected extension on his holiday, got second place, Russell Goldsworthy, back again for a short visit, was third and Kevin O’Sullivan got fourth.

Tuesday, May 2, Eastern Star – Stableford

1st Russell Gilroy (19) 36pts

2nd Russell Goldsworthy (5) 35pts

3rd John Fenwick (19) 31pts

4th Jon Batty (7) 30pts

2’s: Craig Hitchens, Paul Pavloff and Lyle Blaw.

Hal Hart.
Hal Hart.

We decided to give Eastern Star a try today as at the moment it is excellent value for money.  We found it to be in very good condition with nearly all of our group more than satisfied.  So much so that we decided to make it a regular venue now for the low season as they are doing such a good deal.

It was a very hot day for golf again and I think the heat got to most of us as only golfer managed to play to his handicap.  That was Russell Gilroy who had his second win in a row, today with thirty six points.  Russell Goldsworthy is making good use of his short trip and today he came second with thirty five points while John Fenwick got the third place with thirty one and Jon Batty got the fourth and with thirty.

Thursday, May 4, Burapha – Stableford

Blue Tees

1st Russell Goldsworthy (5) 36pts

2nd Jon Batty (7) 34pts

White Tees

1st Hal Hart (20) 41pts

2nd Russell Gilroy (19) 36pts

3rd John Fenwick (19) 32pts

Russell Goldworthy.
Russell Goldworthy.

Back today for what is now our regular Thursday game here at Burapha.  We played the A and B nines and, as usual and to keep everyone happy we played of both the long blue tees and the shorter whites, with the majority opting for the shorter challenge.

Russell Goldsworthy was playing his last game for this trip and after having a few seconds with us he went one better today and was the winner off the blue tees with thirty six points, which off his low handicap is a very good score on this long course.  Jon Batty took second place with thirty four points.

Hal Hart was playing what I think was his first ever game with us and he had a great day and was a very clear winner off the whites with an excellent forty one points.  Russell Gilroy probably thought he had done enough for a third win in a row but today his thirty six points only got him a distant second place.  John Fenwick got the third and last place with thirty two points and we had no ‘2’s today off either tees.