George Barrie wins at Phoenix Gold on a six beer Pattaya day


PSC Golf from Billabong
Monday, Dec 7
Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold and what condition it is in – absolutely splendid. The greens have dried out and to putt on them is just great. The rough is still rough but not really out of order. You can still get mud on the ball here but mostly around the front of the greens.

With just two groups playing and an empty car park when everybody got there, we were away in bright sunlight, clear skies, and a nice temperature.

George Barrie brought a friend along to play. He also brought his best game.

There was a countback between Gerard Lambert and Brian Chapman, both scoring 33 points, with Gerard relegated to 3rd spot while Brian took 2nd.

George Barrie, as previously stated, brought his best game, scoring a great 38 points.

When you don’t get past the ladies tee block there is a drink for the other lads. Well some days you may get one but today there was six, so it was happy drinking for George. He had six beers before he got a bin.