Gaussa doubles up for the week


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, September 25, Royal Lakeside – Stableford

When you go to this golf course, just once in a while you really have to go with Mashi Kaneta, it is a real experience.  We all know how the ‘Mashi Way’ to a golf course is usually exciting, and I have learned short cuts over the years I never thought possible, but this day was different.  Somehow we turned off route 7, by mistake I think, and ended on the entrance to the motorway to Bangkok.  Somehow he got us off it and we arrived at Royal Lakeside at the same time as the rest, via back roads I could not find again if I tried.

On the way back we went through Chonburi and went shopping at a golf shop the back of beyond and still arrived in plenty of time for me to do the result show.  And I got 40 winks, great stuff.

The Scribe, right, presents the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Joel Flor.The Scribe, right, presents the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Joel Flor.

We do not play Royal Lakeside very often, mainly because of the distance, but at 50 minutes or so, lost or not, this is now not a bad trip.  Last month we booked it and were ‘Bumped’ at the last minute and moved back to a very late start, so cancelled.  So the ‘Management’ gave us a good deal and we arrived with a full field.

With the weather of late, rain and more rain, we had checked whether the course was playable and were told it was if they had no more rain, so it was with no surprise that we learned that carts were allowed on the cart path only.  This usually makes for a long day for the ‘Goldies’.

So off we went and soon found why the carts were not allowed on the course, it was soaking wet.  Not only that but the ‘mozzies’ were out and the good caddies had some insect repellent to help their players.  A quick wipe down with the repellent soon scared the damn things away and only a few players got bitten.  Just one of the joys of a game of golf.

The day was tough with very wet fairways, soggy greens and a lot of walking, but we got around.  Really tiring these conditions and a few of the ‘Goldies’ were absolutely shattered at the end.  Thus a quick ‘kip’ in the car on the way back.  A real refresher.

Back at Bert’s a little late it was soon time to declare the results and the A Flight, 0 to 18, was outdone by the B Flight 19 upwards.  In the A Flight we had a three-way count back on 34 points that saw Mike Gaussa win with Mark West in second and Dick Warberg in third.

The scores in the B Flight were a bit better with Andre Van Dyk winning with 39 points ahead of a count back on 36 points that saw Joel Flor in second and Tom Cotton in third.

With this being the last Tuesday of the month it was The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month, and with Joel Flor coming second in the B Flight he just beat Brian Parish on count back.  Well played Joel!

Near Pins:  Mike Gaussa, Tom Cotton, Daryl Evans, Graham Buckingham.

Friday, Sept. 28, Rayong Country Club – Stableford

The plan was to go to Treasure Hill, but with all the rain around we thought it sensible to contact them and see if the course was playable.  The information was that at 0800 hrs the rain was heavy and the caddies had not turned up, so the course was closed.  So it was a phone around and we were told by Rayong Country Club that the rain was light but no carts were allowed on the course, so off we went.

Tuesday’s A & B Flight winners, Mike Gaussa and Andre Van Dyk, with one of Bert’s finest.Tuesday’s A & B Flight winners, Mike Gaussa and Andre Van Dyk, with one of Bert’s finest.

As are all courses at present, this one was saturated and the bunkers were water-logged, as were the greens, so it was a question of getting around the best we could and trying to enjoy the day.  Indeed the Sun even broke through later on although it was very weak.

The drive back was difficult as the roads were packed so we got back to Bert’s a bit late.  It was soon time for the weary group to hear the results and find out that the steady player of the last few months, Mike Gaussa, won with 39 points.  Sunny Khamra was in second with 35 points and we then had a count back on 34 points that saw Max Matthews in third and Don Carmody in fourth.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Don Carmody, Alan Sullivan, Mick Coghlan.