Gabe fares best at tough St. Andrews


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, May 20, St. Andrews – Stableford

The plan was to play Green Valley today, and that is what we booked until the course came back and told us they had a tournament on that date, but we could play St Andrews at the same rate if we chose, so we decided to go for it.

Now normally we would not play this course as it is a really difficult one and many of our players like to walk, but here you have to take a cart.  Believe me you really need one as well, either that or a pack horse.

Brian Gabe & Jim Ferris.Brian Gabe & Jim Ferris.

Once signed in the cavalcade begins as we went up to the start of the 18 holes.  You start with a downhill drive here, golf drive that is, to a raised green and as you make your way around you can see why players with a handicap over 18 handicap are advised to think twice before playing it.

I remember some years ago when we used to play St. Andrews regularly that one of our players described it as the ‘Goat Track’.  The players on this day were a little more complimentary, but I suspect most would rather have played Green Valley.

The wind got us most of the way around and we struggled at times.  This is actually a good test, the fairways are quite well grassed but the rough is so penal that the ‘Local Rules’ say that it should be classed as a ‘Hazard’, so it gives you some idea of the surrounding area.  Then there is the water, now filled with my golf balls!

Back in Bert’s it was soon time for the results and the winner on the day was Brian Gabe with 37 points, a really fine round on this course.  In second was Jim Ferris with 36 points ahead of Max Scott in third on 35 and Henry Wong fourth with 33.

Near pins went to Daryl Evans and Mike Gerrard (3).