Full moon leads to sparse fishing


Sea Fishing with the KPK Food Services

Two days (or rather one night and one day trip) to report on this week me hearties.  On Thursday December 8 evening we had 6 fishermen who decided they were brave enough to spend the night out at sea (gladly not me, I know where I would prefer to be in the dark hours of the night).

Sadly the trip turned out to be one of the not so good ones.  Apparently there was a full moon and I am told that squid do not feed during a full moon.  Don’t know how true this is, but for certain there was no live squid for bait which meant that catching the larger varieties was less certain.  The knock on effect is that if the squid are hiding then the predator fish do not feed either.

Noi holds the scribe’s prize catch. Noi holds the scribe’s prize catch.

However when the crew eventually returned to terra firma they reported that they had caught a couple of sharks and the usual snapper and grouper etc.

It is a shame really because this was the first night fishing trip we had organised and it would have been good to have had a better ending to the story.

So it is on to Saturday, December 10 when we had our usual daytime trip.  Once again we were without the live squid for bait.  This is very disappointing because it is the best bait for catching them there ‘Big Uns’.  It seems the full moon does have an effect on the squid.

Also today the wind was the winner.  It was a very hard day’s fishing trying to fight the wind: both for ourselves to stay on our feet and the boat being blown against the currents made the fishing very difficult.  Never mind, out of about 30 trips this year this has been to only one that was a little uncomfortable.

On this day we had Sergio Volpi and his lovely lady Noi on board along with the two children of Sergio.  Also with us were Bob Jepson and Peter Holt with John Kelly and Damien Molloy making up the rest of the crew.

The photo shows Noi holding a nice big fish that was (I am glad to say) caught by yours truly on a very small rig.  It was a good fight and eventually netted safely.

Lots of other varieties were landed which made enough for everyone to take some home to eat, so although it had not been the best result of the year, everyone agreed that it had been a great day out on the ocean.

Our schedule is every fortnight, (second and fourth Saturdays of the month) but we have many enquiries for other dates so if enough names come in we will increase our trips to suit.

The next scheduled trip is for 24th December (yes I know it is Christmas Eve, but cannot think of a better way to spend the day).  Certainly beats Christmas shopping!

If anyone is interested in coming along please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.