French connection cleans up


PSC Golf from Billabong

Friday 22nd Nov Burapha A & B Stableford

Burapha A and B on Friday and a very busy course it was. But everything went along smoothly and we were in just over 4 hours. The course is in great condition considering the amount of traffic it is getting.

We were taken to the cleaners today by the French connection. I will explain later in this report. Firstly it must be told we had one proper golfer in our midst who, playing off his 15 handicap, was one over the card off the stick and cruising to what you would say an easy win. But alas, the wheels fell off shortly after the 5th hole. He shall remain nameless as the scribe cannot run very fast at the moment. Suffice to say there was a little ribbing back at the bar, all in good fun of course.

The scoring was not very good for some reason and it wasn’t the weather as it was a beautiful day with a lovely breeze blowing. I really can’t think of any excuses at all.

Now to the French connection. These golfers took first, second and third. Gerard Lambert took third with a massive 30 points, winning the count back over Tim Knight also 30 points. Second spot went to Francis Goyons with 32 points and the man of the moment Thiery Petrement came first with 34 points.
There were no twos recorded.