Francis of a sea – sea


Sea Fishing with KPK Food Services Ltd.

Ahoy me hearties!

After a couple of months in dry dock we had two days on the ocean at the end of November.  Firstly, Saturday 24th November was for a party organised by Joe Cameron and Jeff Cordiero.  A great day was had by all but the elusive big fish still ignored our baits.  Never mind, with one guy feeling a little ill all day (good job the sea was not rough) the rest of the guys and gals enjoyed a lovely day out on the ocean and all were merrily happy by the time we got back to terra firma.  As always, there were still enough snapper and grouper to fill all the freezers for a while.

Onto Sunday, 25th November and although there were only 3 of us made this trip we had a hugely successful day.  Because there were only three of us, I chartered a much smaller boat and I was very pleasantly surprised to find an old friend of yesteryear in charge, Captain Ting.  Captain Ting was the original PSC fishing captain when Frank was the Fishing Chairman of the PSC.

Francis Youett with his prize snapper. Francis Youett with his prize snapper.

Captain TING is reputed as the best around and today he proved it.  We went to a different hunting ground which I remember from about 7 years ago and we immediately started landing snapper with the occasional barracuda – some caught direct and others grabbing at the smaller fish as we reeled them in.

The KPK voucher was awarded to Francis Youett as shown in the photo, who caught the nicest 3 to 4 kilo snapper you ever did see.  Because Francis did not want the biggy, I allowed Rick Drennan to take it to his local restaurant who cooks the fish for him and as long as he buys a few beers they do not charge him for the meal.  Great service here in fun city.  If I remember rightly I somehow think they used to do that in the U.K.  Eh, some chance!

Today’s fishing was a pleasant change from the routine over the last four or five years and I shall be booking him again for the smaller groups in the near future.  Five passengers on his boat would be overcrowded!

Our next schedules trips are for Saturday 8th Dec, Sunday 16th Dec and Sat 28th or Sun 29th Dec.  If anyone is interested in joining in we set sail about 7.30 am and return about 6.00 pm latest.  Contact me on 087 091 7565 for further information.