Flello fires 40-pointer at Pattana


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Jan. 14, Pattana – Stableford

12 groups out today and upon arrival we were allocated the A and B courses but as we walked towards the first tee the marshalls changed their minds and we ended up teeing off on the C course with the A nine to follow.  An equal cut in the divisions today with handicaps set at 6-14, 15-18 and 19+.  The course was in good condition with very slick greens.

The best score of the day came in division 3 with Randy Flello on top of the podium with 40 points.  The Cockney boy Rod Howett took second on 33 and Andy Oz was in third with 29.

Randy Flello, Jerry Sweetnam, Mike Fitzgerald and Lindsay Phillips.Randy Flello, Jerry Sweetnam, Mike Fitzgerald and Lindsay Phillips.

The second best score of the day was in division 1 with Jerry Sweetnam winning with 39 points ahead of Horst Starchl in second, two points behind, and Martin Grimoldby finished third with 35 points after beating Rune Aasheim and Tony Kay on a back nine count back.

Dennis Scougal edged Lindsay Phillips on a 19/17 back nine count back to win the second division after they both came in with 35 and Don Head placed third, also on count back after beating Andy Baber and Mr. Happy, all on 32 points. Near pins were claimed by Martin Grimoldby (2), Neville Scurell, Jerry Sweetnam, Paul Chabot, Jim Connelly, Ken Priddy and Bryan Rought.

Matti Pihlajisto birdied the second on the C course to record the only ‘2’ of the day and take the pot in division 1.

It was Rod Howett’s ‘60ish plus’ birthday celebration at Siam Cats and he provided the sandwiches and rang the bell twice.  Well done Rod and there were many happy returns from us all.

Wednesday, Jan. 16, Phoenix – Stableford

After reports of a 5 and a half hour round here the previous Friday we were all apprehensive as to what to expect today.  There were a couple of cancellations overnight and two no shows but we still went out with 12 groups bang on time.

The cut today was 8-15, 16-19 and 20 + and there was a ladies division as well.  This is starting to build up again after we used to have seven or eight ladies playing twice a week around two years ago and all of those girls have given up the game since then for many various reasons.

There were three winning scores of 36 in each of the mens divisions; Lindsay Phillips topped division 1 ahead of Jerry McCarthy in second on 33 and Anders Hansson beat Chris Voller on a 17/15 back nine count back for third after they both scored 32 points.

Neil Gamble topped division 2 and a smiling Howard Stanley beat Bryan Rought for the runner-up spot on a 17/12 count back after they both came in on 31 points.

Mike Fitzgereld claimed division 3 honours ahead of Randy Flello in second, one point behind, and Roar Berger was third with 33.

Miss Nut, playing off 22, won the ladies flight with 35 points.

Near pins went to Kit Parkington, Chris Voller (2), Stefan Kallback, Finn Olsen and Bryan Rought.

There were no winners for the ladies for nearest the pins or ‘2’s but in division 1 Anders Hansson and Chris Voller both birdied the Mountain 8th to split the pot and Finn Olsen birdied the second hole on the Lakes course for the only winner in division 2.

Friday, Jan. 18, Eastern Star – Stableford

300+ bookings today at the course today and we were expecting another slow round.  The marshalls were on the ball however, speeding up slow play in front of us when required and our first group reached the tenth tee in 2 hours 15mins, which is acceptable for this time of the year.  They completed their round in four hours 20 mins and there were no complaints.

The 13th and 18th greens here are slowly improving and there were not too many moans from the players about the condition of the course.

Horst Starchl, playing off 13, won division 1 with 35 points after beating Chris Voller on a 19/18 back nine count back.  Wilf Latham placed third on a 5/4 back three count back over Frank Kelly after they both came in with 31 points.

Pepo Frick’s 34 points topped the leaderboard in division 2, with Mike Fitzgerald second on 32 and in third place one point behind was Iain Walsh.

Some rather poor scores in the ladies division today with Verana Suhr winning the flight with just 23 points.

Near pins were shared around by Mikael Andersson, Billy Fitzgerald , Karl Flood, Chris Voller, Rod Howett and Malcolm Saunders (2).

Yet again there were no near pins won by the ladies or any ‘2’s for that matter.  Birthday boy Rod Howett scored the only ‘2’ for the men to win the pot in division 2.  Well done Rodney!

Senile dementia seems to have set in and the first group out today with the near pin markers forget to place them on the 17th green, so the second group had to chase ahead to collect them; no names mentioned, we’ll just call the group CV+3.