Fernandez has a field day at Burapha


Travellers Rest Golf Group

There are some weeks when life tends to kick you where it hurts and believe me I have just had one of those weeks.  A multitude of things have gone wrong this past week, starting on Monday when I went to change a large sum of currency and then found out three days later the exchange rate had improved by two baht, the biggest rise all year.  Then by the end of the week my golf game had completely deserted me to the point where it may never recover and left me feeling desperate.  If I owned a cat I would probably have gone home and kicked it.  Luckily for some people they had a good week. 

On Monday 27th May at Bangpra, Ted Senior (15) got his week off to the best of starts by shooting 39pts and winning the competition by four shots.  Roger Wilkinson (15) trailed in those four shots behind which was still good enough to take second place.  Fergus Brennan (12), whose own golf game has seen a lot of highs and lows of late, took third place with 34pts.

Ted Senior.Ted Senior.

On Wednesday 29th May the TRGG faithful headed off to do battle with Burapha (B and D courses).  Gerry Fernandez (10) must have stepped in something pretty special when he woke up that morning because boy did he come up smelling of roses.  He took the course and the opposition apart by shooting 42pts, which was a full eleven points better than Robert Cannon (20) on 31 in second place.  Derek Thorogood (16) made it into third place with 30pts.

On Thursday 30th May it was off on our weekly visit to Phoenix (Mountain/Ocean courses).  Despite being low season there were enough players for two divisions.  Div. 1 was up to 14 handicap and Div.2 for 15 handicap and above.  Now as I have said before, the ladies get a big advantage playing at Phoenix as it is a known fact that on some holes it is a 10 baht taxi ride between the men’s tee and the ladies’ tee.  So it was no big surprise to find two of our ladies finish in the top three places of Division 1.

There was an unfounded rumour that the winner John Baxter (14), who shot 37pts, was seen wearing a skirt earlier in the day.  The delightful Mod Chaviraksa (12) finished second on 34pts and the equally divine Tewin Poopay Lamthong (10) took third place with 33.

The riff-raff making up Division 2 were headed by Roger Wilkinson (15), shooting an excellent 38pts.  Billy Allan (15) made second place with 35pts and the Welsh wizard and ladies man extraordinaire Alun Webber (19) finished third on 29pts.

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week!

John Baxter.John Baxter.