Fair game for the ladies


Dear Sports Ed.

After 10 years, I feel I should voice my thoughts, and find out if I am alone.  Week in week out, I read about ladies on the winner’s podium in gents tournaments.

I have been playing for 45 years; back home at my club we maybe had 2-3 mixed games in a golf season.  The courses here on average differ between about 1,000 yards less between the Gents & Ladies tees.  In my 10 years I have seen many of these excellent ladies hit over 200 yards and straight.  Lots of the ladies tees take away the hazards on a hole.  Golf was never meant to be a mixed game.

It’s the gents that keep this game going.  I agree we need to accommodate the ladies, but seems crazy that we do not try to separate them more.  This is not sour grapes, or greed, I have always believed the winnings are too large for amateurs here in Thailand, it’s about the spirit of the game, and in my mind it’s not fair.

I understand some senior players are allowed to play of the Red tees, with a handicap adjustment, so why can’t the ladies play off the gents tees with an adjustment, seems fair.  In being fair to the minority you’re being unfair to the majority.

In 2008 we had the global financial collapse, and it has not got any better, worse I would say, our currency exchange is 20-30% less.  So what did the PSC do then, they increased the yearly membership & monthly golf competition fees.

Some bars charge 200 baht (A$6) comp-fee approx, and complain about the players not coming back.  A small suggestion, offer a beer back at the bar from the comp-fee and reduce the winnings, it worked for me.  I know many who’re struggling, and entering competitions is not in their budget.

All this and I have not mentioned the disappointing lack of individual’s knowledge of golf rules here in Thailand.  From all this I play very little now, not a great loss I hear you say.  Feel better now I have got all that of my chest.  If published look forward to your fierce response.

Matt (Jomtien)