Duthrie gets his groove back


Golf from Fairways Driving Range

Monday, Jan. 10, Greenwood – Stableford

When we arrived at the course today it was overcast with a slight breeze, which made it ideal for golf.  The course was in immaculate condition as usual and we completed the round in just over four hours.

Fifteen players today so only one division and nobody managed to break par but the scoring was very close, with four players scoring 35 points.  Steve Durey lost out on a back nine count-back of 17-15 to finish fourth to Tony Duthie in third, while Ning Neal just lost out on a back three count-back of 8-7 to Mike Grasser for top spot.

Friday’s top two, Tony Duthie and Ron Hall. Friday’s top two, Tony Duthie and Ron Hall.

There were no birdie ‘2’s today.

1st Mike Grasser 35pts

2nd Ning Neal 35pts

3rd Tony Duthie 35pts

4th Steve Durey 35pts

Wednesday, Jan. 12, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Thirty players out today so two divisions and again the weather was overcast with a nice breeze, so it was ideal for golf.  However you would not have thought so with the scores coming in as only one player, Jordie Jack, managed to break par, with the rest of the field trailing way behind.  So the course won hands down on the day.

There were five ‘2’s today won by Paul Smith, Harvey Samuels, Larry Bland (2) and Jeff Carlrow.

Over a few jars of ale back at the Fairways club house the conversation was all about three and even four putting and everybody was of the opinion that the green keeper must have got out of bed on the wrong side that morning because of some of the evil pin positions.  But even so everyone enjoyed the day.

Div. 1

1st Jordie Jack 37pts

2nd Harvey Samuels 33pts

3rd Jeff Carlrow 32pts

4th Pier Cere 31pts

Div. 2

1st Jan Van’s Pellan 32pts

2nd Tony Duthie 31pts

3rd Mark Slin 30pts

4th On Sodoc 25pts

Friday, Jan. 14, Bangpra – Stableford

Today we travelled to the well known monkey course, which was in good condition and the weather was cool and breezy so again it was ideal for golf.  Unfortunately though the course was over-subscribed yet again and everybody got a little bit frustrated as the round took over five and a half hours to complete.

There were 15 players today so only one division and in the main competition Tony Duthie continued his return to form this week by finishing in top spot, this coming after being in the doldrums for quite some time.  He claimed his success this week (three podium finishes) was due to having just one lesson from the pro Scott Dobbin, who managed to get him hitting the ball straighter and longer.

Again it was a close finish with Goort Gelten beating Pier Cere for fourth place on a back nine count-back of 16-15 and Ron Hall beat Scott Dobbins in the battle for second place with a scintillating back six count-back of 15-11.

There were two ‘2’s today and both were recorded by Scott Dobbin.

1st Tony Duthie 36pts

2nd Ron Hall 35pts

3rd Scott Dobbin 35pts

4th Goort Gelten 35pts