Downes & Miller dominate the week


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, Feb. 29, Crystal Bay A & B – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1 (0-12)

1st Steven Downes (6) 41pts

2nd Danny Miller (7) 40pts

3rd Erik Donnestad (5) 37pts

4th Walter O’Keefe (12) 35pts

Division 2 (13-18)

1st Bruce Kusyk (13) 34pts

2nd Paul McDonald (15) 32pts

3rd Peter Koha (18) 30pts

4th Allan Hanlon (13) 29pts

Division 3 (19+)

1st John Carlin (19) 38pts

2nd Shane Elder (22) 37pts

3rd Patrick Scullion (20) 37pts

4th Ole Stamnes (29) 32pts

Another very busy week began at Crystal Bay, where seemingly the whole of the IPGC Monday groups were assembled due to some slight oversight of the fixture list.  Even with almost 100 players contributing to establishing the CSS for the day it still managed to go up to 73 to ensure that the top performers were treated even more harshly in their handicap reductions for the coming week.

Steven Downes.

That meant in the first division the top two players went down to category 1 for the following week’s events.  The winner, Steven Downes, who returned a one over gross card, was outstanding through the back nine with a gross 34 for 23 points to add to a solid even handicap front nine.  Danny Miller could count himself unlucky to have played exceptionally well only to finish second after a four under handicap card.  Erik Donnestad was also under handicap in third, with regular podium visitor Walter O’Keefe taking fourth.

The second division was led in by Bruce Kusyk with a more usual score as he won by two from Paul McDonald, with Peter Koha making an impression on his first serious outing this trip and Allan Hanlon, finding himself strangely in the lower division, in fourth.

The third division was headed by John Carlin who at last returned to an 18 handicap after a year of mixed results.  He was followed by a count back between Shane Elder and Patrick Scullion which the former won with a better 18 to 17.  Ole Stamnes also won a count back over Andy Pedlar with an 8 to 7 result on the last six after they had tied the nine on 13 apiece.

Danny Miller.

James Hawley had the only 2 in the first division with a beauty after a 9-iron to the 158 yard B4 to two feet.  John Carlin and George Oakley shared the second division pot with one each, with George happy to notch up at least one green in regulation in the process to be able to talk about in the bar later.

Wednesday, March 2, Khao Kheow A & C – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1 (0–11)

1st Danny Miller (7) 38pts

2nd Erik Donnestad (5) 35pts

3rd Steven Downes (6) 31pts

Division 2 (12-16)

1st Kevin Townsend (12) 36pts

2nd Walter O’Keefe (12) 35pts

3rd John Sutcliffe (16) 33pts

Division 3 (17+)

1st Markku Tynell (22) 35pts

2nd Patrick Scullion (20) 29pts

3rd Shuichi Kodaka (18) 29pts

Kevin Townsend.

Once again a high turnout demanded the formation of three divisions, with the cut coming even lower on this occasion at 11 and under for the first division.  Danny Miller showed that he was definitely in great form as he went under handicap for the second time in a row and was only saved from the extra ESR adjustment to his handicap as he had become a category 1 player in the meantime.  Erik Donnestad took his second podium spot in the week, with Steven Downes not quite replicating his previous form but still good enough to take third place.

The second division found Kevin Townsend leading by the slimmest of margins from Walter O’Keefe, with John Sutcliffe, warming up for the Irish Big Boys event later in the week, in third and looking good considering the training regime that he had just completed since arriving in Pattaya.

Markku Tynell took the third division top step, well ahead of a count back for second, which Patrick Scullion won with a better 14 to 11 to leave Shuichi Kodaka in third spot.

There were no 2s in the second division but Danny Miller added to his day’s spoils with the sole one in the first division.

Friday, March 4, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1 (0-14)

1st Steven Downes (6) 39pts

2nd Jens Gunnarsson (12) 35pts

Markku Tynell.

3rd Danny Miller (7) 33pts

4th Mick Alleyne (8) 30pts

Division 2 (15+)

1st Ben Jackson (16) 36pts

2nd Markku Tynell (22) 28pts

3rd Paul McDonald (15) 28pts

4th Stuart Thompson (17) 28pts

Just two divisions were required as many of the usual suspects were off playing in various other challenges at other courses, but the cut for the first division was still down at 14 and below as the level of the quality golfers was maintained.

Once again Steven Downes took the accolades for the best of the day and also won the first division for the second time in the week.  He put in another strong performance that saw him go three under handicap to win by four clear shots ahead of second placed Jens Gunnarsson, who had suffered from a very slow start to the day but finished with an excellent 20 points on the back nine.

John Carlin.

Danny Miller also showed well in third place albeit a fair bit shy of his best form of the week.  Mick Alleyne beat Erik Donnestad in a count back for fourth place, finishing with a better 13 to Erik’s 12.

The second division was claimed by Ben Jackson, as he finished some eight points better than his nearest rival, even managing to win with a card showing a zero and 4 ones amongst some far better results.  Markku Tynell won a three-way count back for second place, taking 17 from the inward half as Paul McDonald took third having scored 16 but ruing many huge 300 yard drives that unfortunately finished some 200 yards from the fairway in play, and Stuart Thompson slipping to fourth having taken just 13 on the back nine.

Once again there were no 2s in the second division but Dick Heaney was happy to see his tee shot settle very close to the pin to sweep the first division pot.

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