German ambassador donates 2.4 million baht to CPDC


Germany’s ambassador to Thailand donated the equivalent of 2.4 million baht to the Child Protection & Development Center to support the work of the Pattaya shelter run by his country’s Human Help Network.

H.E. Peter Prügel and his wife Lucia presented the 60,000 euros to Human Help Network (Thailand) Director Radchada Chomjinda during a visit to the Huay Yai center March 1.

H.E. Peter Prügel, German Ambassador to Thailand, and his lovely wife Lucia receive a traditional Thai greeting for their arrival at the Child Protection & Development Center in Huay Yai.

They were greeted by members of local Rotary clubs, staff of the center and children, who put on a traditional Thai dance for their benefactors. Chomjinda gave a report about all the ongoing HHN projects in Pattaya, including the center, the Mobile Training Unit and Day Care Centers for migrant children of foreign construction workers.

“With the help of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany we will be able to operate the Day Care Center throughout 2016,” she said.

Radchada Chomjinda, Director HHNFT/CPDC welcomes the German Ambassador and his entourage to Thailand.

“Germany has previously supported projects of the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand and I am very happy that we can continue our support with this new projects in 2016,” H.E. the Ambassador said.

The ambassador added that the funding for the “Promotion and Protection of Children’s Rights” program will allow the CPDC to maintain several Day Care Centers to provide education and supervision for migrant children who have no chance to go to school. The children will receive Thai and English language lessons along with other activities. Food and basic medical care also are provided.

In addition, the Mobile Training Unit, which is equipped with educational materials, including cartoons educating kids of the risks of human trafficking and child abuse, will operate seminars and workshops for children of the Day Care Centers.

The ambassador then viewed an exhibition of hand-made products like teddy bears created by the kids themselves.

He said that his visit was extra special because he got to see that the homeless children now have a place to stay and be well looked after. His goals were the same as many other who were present, which is to support human rights and grant the opportunity to the less fortunate to have shelter and receive proper education, he added.

The MOU signing ceremony by Radchada Chomjinda, Director HHNFT/CPDC and H.E. Peter Prügel.

After his tour, H.E. Prügel visited a nearby construction camp for more than 80 Cambodian migrant workers. More than 30 children in the klatch of ramshackle huts built of zinc sheets and wood are under the care of the CPDC, which intends to educate them in academic subjects as well as morality, ethnics and how they can live as part of the community in harmony.

The Poseidon Day Care Center is free for the kids who are treated like family since their parents have a heavy work load and leave their children alone.

H.E. Peter Prügel, German Ambassador to Thailand takes part in a group photo with the kids at the CPDC.

The ambassador had the chance there to mingle with migrant children and their helpers from HHN. The children gave the visitors flowers and handmade boxes as presents. He in return gave small presents, including footballs, to the children.

H.E. Peter Prügel, his friends and Rotarians joined for a VIP photo.

CPDC staffers have reached out to the parents to give them an explanation of how important it is to have children receive proper educations. Under the program, the kids participate in CPDC activities a couple hours a day.

Facts about the new projects of CPDC and HHNT

There are more than 5,000 migrant workers living in camps at construction sites throughout Pattaya. These children need education yet cannot go to schools. Therefore the risk of human trafficking and exploitation or working by picking up garbage or begging on the streets is high.

H.E. Peter Prügel was received like a father to the kids.

These children will have to move with their parents from construction site to construction site. HHNT Drop In Centers help to give these children a place to stay during the daytime as well as provide 24/7 access to help street children and victims of exploitation. The new Drop-In Center is located in the middle of Pattaya City and the HHNT has signed a contract with a six-wheel truck owner (fully insured) to fetch children from camps along Jomtien and South Pattaya every morning and bring them back by 4 p.m.

The group also visited a nearby camp site that the CPDC supports.

The Mobile Training Unit donated by the Japanese embassy through UNODC makes it possible for the CPDC Outreach Team to access many children on construction sites, slum areas, local welfare centers and schools at regular intervals.

The HHNT Foundation was founded in 2008 as a non-governmental organization under Thai law. Their mission is to promote children’s rights, to fight child trafficking and child abuse, and to help children in desperate need. The main areas are the Child Protections and Development Center in Pattaya and the Pattaya Orphanage.

The children perform a traditional ‘Ram Thai’ dance.

H.E. Peter Prügel provided sweets for the kids.