Dickie upsets the form book at Plantation


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Feb. 11, Burapha – Stableford

We had 34 Outback golfers set off to play Burapha A and B courses from the blue markers, which at 6733yds is one of the longer courses we play.  The course was heavily booked again but the pace of play was not too bad until we had a hold-up on the last two holes.

The day was just perfect for golf with a light breeze and a clear sunny sky.  The course was in great condition and the greens ran fast and true.  The fairways had also all been cut and the course looked great.  Some of the bunkers again were not in good condition purely because they had not been raked properly but I think I’ve said enough on that subject.

Friday winners: Tony McDonough (left) with David Davies.Friday winners: Tony McDonough (left) with David Davies.

Some of the higher handicappers like to think A and B are a little tough off the blue markers so it was great to see that the best score of the day was from Andy Makara with 40 points off his 31 handicap; he won Div C by six from David Davies.

Before we go on to look at the winners in Div A and Div B, it won’t take long for someone to spot that we have a 13 handicapper in A and another in B.  Just to explain, this is the first time we have used the new “on-line” handicap system recently installed by the PSC, in conjunction with the tournament software which can be added to it.  So when you ask the computer to divide the 34 players equally over three divisions, it does that quite literally, supposedly using the exact handicap, that is why some people with the same handicap are in different divisions.  There is however a small error in the calculation which has since been remedied but today’s results will stand.

So the remaining podium finishers are Pat Regan, who took Div B with 39 points off his 13 handicap from John Stafford (18) with 37 & Bob Finley with 36 and Stephen Mann (Div A winner) with 38 points off his 12 handicap, from Peter Ennis (13) with 35 and his Irish compatriot, Vinny Connellan third with 34.

There was only one ‘2’ for the day and that went to Vinny on B8, well done.

Div A (0-13)

1st Stephen Mann (12) 38pts

2nd Peter Ennis (13) 35pts

3rd Vinny Connellan (12) 34pts

Div B (14-18)

1st Patrick Regan (13) 39pts

2nd John Stafford (18) 37pts

3rd Robert Finley (15) 36pts

Div C (19+)

1st Andrew Makara (31) 40pts

2nd David Davies (25) 34pts

3rd Ken Murdock (18) 33pts

Tuesday, Feb. 12, Khao Kheow – Stableford

16 players to Khao Kheow (C & B) for our normal Tuesday outing.  A sunny day with no breeze for the first nine but thankfully we had a breeze on the second nine to cool down everybody on the way in.

The course is improving every week and must be the best value of all the courses in Pattaya at present; greens are as good as any locally and they are fast and true – the fairways are improving on a weekly basis and it will be interesting to see what renovations they do to the fairways in the off season.  Bunkers are still a worry though as the sand is very soft and the ball tends to plug or have poached egg lies.

Treasure Hill golfers (from left) Sonny Crawford, Sugar Ray Handford, Eddy Beilby and Stefan Hoge.Treasure Hill golfers (from left) Sonny Crawford, Sugar Ray Handford, Eddy Beilby and Stefan Hoge.

The pace of play was very good considering the number of groups on the course and we all finished in just under four hours.

Welcome back to Jeff Acheson, who’s back here on a flying visit and welcome also to Michael Omiya having his first game with the Outback.

Only one division plus the ‘2’s and great to see Peter Eriksson return the best score of the day with 36 points off his 5 handicap from Stephen Mann (12) with 33 points, who beat Bob Lindborg (23) on a count back.  Completing the podium in fourth place was Jeff Acheson (7) with 32 points.

There was only one ‘2’ for the day, to Jeff Acheson on C8.  Well done Jeff!

1st Peter Eriksen (5) 36pts

2nd Stephen Mann (12) 33pts

3rd Bob Lindborg (23) 33pts

4th Jeffrey Acheson (7) 32pts

Wednesday, Feb. 13, Siam Plantation – Stableford

An extra tee-time enabled a full field of 20 players to enjoy the delights of this wonderful course, which as ever was in its usual pristine condition.

A special welcome to John Emmerson and his group of Brent, Jason & Muffy joining us whilst the Old Course is closed for the ladies event and also to Tim Lazecki, who hasn’t played for sometime through injury.

Ron Dickie came off the back of some recent poor form to shoot a fantastic 41pts and take the win, from the consistent Peter Eriksen with 38pts, playing off 5.  Jason Kerr (3) scored his 36pts from the blue tees (his choice) which was another great round.

The next two weeks will be busy here again as the Old Course remains closed, so please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

There were two ‘2’s from Peter Eriksen and Jason Kerr.

1st Ron Dickie (8) 41pts

2nd Peter Eriksen (5) 38pts

3rd Jason Kerr (3) 36pts

Wednesday, Feb. 13, Treasure Hill – Stableford

This course receives many favourable comments and represents good value for money, which today attracted a field of 18.  At one stage it seemed as though there may have only been sixteen as the big tree, which was John White’s marker as to where to turn off the 331, had been chopped down and he was well on his way to Greenwood!  But he made it in the end.

Off the yellow tees here today to give everybody a chance but still nobody managed to shoot their handicap, with the best effort coming from Dave Coller with 35pts to bag the win.  Welcome to Sonny Crawford who joined us today and took second place on 33, and Sugar, Stefan & Eddy filled the rest of the podium finishing with 32, 31, & 30pts respectively.

Sel Wegner had the only ‘2’ on the 6th.

1st David Coller (24) 35pts

2nd Sonny Crawford (9) 33pts

3rd Sugar Ray Handford (17) 32pts

4th Stefan Hoge (16) 31pts

5th Eddy Beilby (18) 30pts

Friday, Feb. 15, Green Valley – Stableford

We had 39 players at Green Valley on Friday on an overcast and hot, humid day.  There was no breeze to start with and the smog hung around until late in the morning when it lifted as a result of the heat and a light breeze that came in and cooled the golfers.

The course had been heavily watered, especially the greens and the surrounds and this made the greens very receptive, however they were still great to putt on even if they didn’t look brilliant as a result of all the old pitch marks.

The course was in great condition, fairways were cut and the ball sat up well which helps good ball striking, which was reflected in the scores.  There were a number of players who shot there handicap or better and that was in part because of the state of the course and it was just a good day for golf.

38’s across all three divisions was the winning score; Peter LeNoury (Div A), Tony McDonough (Div B) and David Davies in Div C.  Otherwise, if you didn’t manage to score at least 35pts you weren’t going to be in the frame, so generally, as said earlier, some very solid all round scoring.

There was only on ‘2’ which was recorded by Sugar Ray.

Div A (0-12)

1st Peter Lenoury (11) 38pts

2nd John Cunningham (7) 37pts

3rd Stephen Mann (12) 37pts

4th Ian Heddle (2) 36pts

Div B (13-16)

1st Anthony McDonough (14) 38pts

2nd Conner Doyle (12) 38pts

3rd Robert Finley (15) 37pts

4th Kevin Hamilton (15) 36pts

Div C (17+)

1st David Davies (25) 38pts

2nd Sugar Ray Handford (17) 36pts

3rd Timothy Knight (22) 35pts

4th John Stafford (18) 35pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.