Derek’s ‘poor game’ wins green jacket

B flight winner Derek Phillips with Adam Barton (L) and Bill Stewart (R).

Derek’s ‘poor game’ wins green jacket
PSC Pattaya Links Golf Society
Monday, Jan. 13
Treasure Hill

What a contrast from another golf course we visited two days ago, when there was overcrowding and some confusion, to the peaceful and picturesque surroundings of Treasure Hill.


Today we had 56 players ready to hit the fairways and the organizing and starting of the fourteen groups was easy and seamless, a credit to the players and, of course, our organiser this day, Maurice.

The first group got away slightly early and, with no hold-ups in front, completed the round in good time.

It’s been said plenty of times before about how difficult it is to score on this course. Once again Treasure Hill won as none of our large number of players could play to handicap.

Derek Phillips came closest, playing in the B flight, by scoring 35 points for the win, and another Green Jacket for him.

When he handed in his card he commented that his round wasn’t good enough for any prizes. Mmm, we never know, Derek.

John Malet DeCarteret, having his first game this trip, just tipped out Banjo Bannister on countback for second spot, both having 32 points. Helene Lindberg filled the fourth place with 29 points.

Another returnee, Phillip Ashton, had a first up win by taking the A flight honours with 34 points to win a countback over Anne Stokes, who was once again in the action. Rana Gurnam found some form again to score 32 points and the other half of the Stokes family, Bob, grabbed the fourth place with 31 points.

You didn’t need very many points to win C flight as Berndt Motzenbacher found out when his 32 points was enough to win.

John Anderson only scored 31 points but the resulting countback with Keith Melbourne gave him second spot. Rob Cousin, again a first game this trip, rounded out the podium with 29 points.

Plenty of novelty prizes to be had.

Near pins A flight: Phillip Ashton, Pierre Cere (x2), and Anne Stokes.
Near pins B flight: Mike Firkin, Simon Watts, Bill Stewart, and Rob Cousin.
Long first putt: George Mueller

A Flight (+4-15)

1st Place – Phillip Ashton (13) – 34pts c/back
2nd Place – Anne Stokes (14) – 34 pts
3rd Place – Rana Gurnam (13) – 32 pts
4th Place – Bob Stokes (12) – 31 pts

B Flight (16-21)

1st Place – Derek Phillips (17) – 35 pts
2nd Place – John Malet DeCarteret (17) – 32 pts c/back
3rd Place – Banjo Bannister (16) – 32 pts
4th Place – Helene Lindberg (20) – 29 pts

C Flight (22+)

1st Place – Berndt Motzenbacher (29) – 32 pts
2nd Place – John Anderson (30) – 31 pts c/back
3rd Place – Keith Melbourne (34) – 31 pts
4th Place – Rob Cousin (23) – 29 pts

Best Front Nine C (non-winners) John Masters 18 pts
Best Back Nine A (non-winners) Mike Tottenham 17 pts

Bill Stewart was already moving to front of stage as Phil was announcing the ‘silly hat’, believing no-one could have less than four points for nine holes.

Adam Barton can play golf but spends a lot of time away at work, hence not playing much. He wore the ‘wig’ for the lowest score.

Treasure Hill was looking in great condition, but it turned out to be an inspired decision to play lift, clean and place when, considering the dry weather, there were actually lots of wet areas on the fairways. However, the unusual slowness of the greens, for TH, caught out more than a few to make the course a little tougher than expected.

We will return in two weeks to try, try, again.