Dazzler Darren stamps his authority on the field


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, March 20. Green Valley – Stableford

1st Robert Holl (11) 37pts

2nd Klaus Fast (03) 37pts

3rd Peter McGinty (22) 36pts


St Andrews was the destination for the TRGG on Monday.  This was the same day as the first day of qualifying for the Singha Open at Green Valley and despite that course (Green Valley) being busy, St Andrews was relatively golfer free and the showery weather made conditions favorable to all who played.

Scoring highly on this difficult course is never easy though, so it was quite impressive that 10 out of the field of 18 scored 31 points or more.  In 3rd place, the timeless Peter McGinty scored 36 points but was beaten by Klaus Fast who once again scored impressively to record a round of 37 points for second.  The day however belonged to Robert Holl, also scoring 37 points but doing just enough on the back-nine to take the top prize.

Darren Stanton.
Darren Stanton.

Currently there appears to be an invasion of golfers from Wanneroo golf club in Perth and the party is led by this husky crooner, Robert.  Despite being married 7 times he has still found the time to be a founding member of the golf club.  There is a rumor circulating that he started Wanneroo as a result of being banished from every other golf club in Western Australia – but who am I to spread malicious gossip?


Tuesday, March 21, Burapha – Stableford

1st Darren Stanton (15) 42pts

2nd Kim Scadden (17) 41pts

3rd Trevor Oliver (12) 39pts


The visit to Burupha on Tuesday found a course in great condition and this was reflected with the high scores achieved – 13 of the 16 golfers scored 32 points are more and 2 players who scored over 37 points were unable to get on the podium.

Trevor Oliver produced a fine round of 39 points but this was only good enough for 3rd place today.  Smiling Kim Scadden would have been delighted with his 41 points but less than impressed that on this day it was only good enough for 2nd spot.

Klaus Fast.
Klaus Fast.

This day belonged to Darren Stanton.  The stamp collector from Melbourne certainly found his penny black as he scored a magnificent 42 points to smash the rest of the field. He had been threatening to post such a score for a while and on this day he certainly delivered.


Wednesday, March 22, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Klaus Fast (03) 36pts

2nd Aoki Toshihiro (24) 35pts

3rd Neil Wilkinson (13) 34pts


The delights of Greenwood awaited the TRGG for the Wednesday visit.  All that is needed for a good score around this golf course is the ability to hit the ball long and straight – quite simple to write but to put into practice is another matter.

Neil Wilkinson’s score of 34 points was good enough to take 3rd place but he did this by beating three other golfers on count back.  The only non-Australian in the top eight finishers was Aoki Toshihiro whose 35 points gave him second position.

The round of the day however belonged to the relentless Klaus Fast.  Separated at birth from a personality, Klaus was given the gift of being able to never walk off a golf course without at least 36 points.  In 8 rounds at the TRGG his high scoring has been remarkable and. this game of golf is proving to be a cheap experience for Klaus.


Thursday, March 23, Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Alan Gibb (09) 34pts

2nd Trevor Worth (12) 34pts

3rd Terry Oliver (14) 33pts


Khao Kheow welcomed the TRGG golfers on Thursday and Terry Worth managed to slip into 3rd place with 33 points and the battle for top spot came down to a count back.  Trevor Oliver, the Welsh sounding Aussie, came in second position, which is remarkable considering that the first 10 years of his life was spent practicing for St. David’s Cathedral Boys as chief soprano.  The day was won however by Alan Gibb whose consistent game was tailor made for this course.

It has now been 4 visits since the last TRGG golfer has managed to score more than their handicap at Khao Kheow.  Since January 30, 112 rounds of golf have failed to yield more than 36 points and it just proves that currently this beautiful golf course is probably the most difficult in the region.


Friday, March 24, The Emerald – Stableford

1st Neil Wilkinson (13) 35pts

2nd Derek Thorogood (16) 35pts

3rd Bill Reid (12) 34pts


The magnificent natural environment of the Emerald golf club welcomed the TRGG on Friday.  Bill Reid’s 34 points were good for 3rd place but the top spot was a battle between two men currently on form.

Boss Derek Thorogood has had 5 podium finishes in his last 10 rounds and Neil Wilkinson was producing his second podium visit of the week.  With both players scoring 35 points it was by virtue of a better back-nine that the popular Neil came out on top and receive the riches.


Saturday, March 25, Treasure Hill – Stableford

1st Kim Scadden (16) 34pts

2nd Jimmy Graham (18) 33pts

3rd Klaus Fast (03) 33pts


Saturday saw the TRGG visiting Treasure Hill.  This was a farewell outing for many of the golfers from Wanneroo Golf club and as an Englishman may I say what thoroughly decent chaps these golfers are and we will look forward to them returning when they next decide to cross the South China Sea.

The one member of the party who seems to go unnoticed is Kim Scadden as for a Wanneroonian he doesn’t say an awful lot, he just smiles.  Well today his face was beaming as 22 points on the back-nine gave him an overall total of 34 and this was good enough to win top prize.

As quiet as Kim is, no one makes more noise than Jimmy Graham.  Founder of the website “How to party in Perth”, Jimmy left it until his last round to visit the podium and win second place with 33 points.  In 3rd place and narrowly beaten on count back was Klaus Fast who ended his visit to the LOS with yet another podium spot.