A dandy week for Andy

Dan Dietz, Brad Gearie and Andy Leach.
Dan Dietz, Brad Gearie and Andy Leach.

PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, Jan. 22, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Andy Leach (9) 42pts

2nd Jim Dundon (18) 41pts

3rd Pierre Gymer (16) 39pts

T-4th Mike Cantrell (32) 38pts

T-4th Peter Thomas (23) 38pts

Capt. Phil had a lot of calculations for today’s event, but as he is a certified accountant it made things a lot easier.  Five were in the winners’ compound and were rewarded for their efforts at Green Valley.

Andy Leach ended up at the top of the pile with a pretty darn good round of 42 points and topped Jimmy Dundon by just one shot for the win.  Pierre took sole third and Mike and Peter had to split the pot at the 38 point mark.

Jimmy Dundon also took the near pin for our Caddy Smile project and generously donated all the winnings to the charity.

Tuesday, Jan. 23, Pattavia (white tees) – Stableford

1st Kenny Aihara (7) 38pts

2nd Mitch Black (13) 36pts

3rd John Rodwell (30) 35pts

Pattavia is a great layout and is presented to us in great condition on every visit.  Management has the sense to keep the high season pricing at a fair level, so let the games begin!

As we all know, the greens here are the fastest in Pattaya… bar none.  Get your head around that and you will have a lot of fun here.

20 golfers filled our 5 slots today and Kenny was top of the class for his podium finish.  Mitch had a solid showing with 36 points while John Rodwell turned in a great round also off his 30-handicap.  Hey, we were all there at some point, right?

So, Kenny got the win on a course we played from over 6,600 yards and plucked the Caddy Smile near pin as well.

Thursday, Jan. 25, Khao Kheow B & C (white tees) – Stableford

1st Doc Beard (23) 38pts

2nd Zed Belagovic (17) 36pts

3rd Dan Dietz (11) 35pts

A beautiful day on an equally beautiful golf course made for a really nice day of golf in the Kingdom.  Never, ever a complaint here as the greenskeeping crew, the management and the starter have all got their act together.

Dan Dietz pretty much just got off the plane and showed up guns-a-blazin’ for the third slot with a 35.  The visitors gained complete control of the podium here today as our usually reliable local squaddies apparently took the day off and handed the comp to the lads from abroad.

It was not only the lads, but our near pin was won by Madame Fraser Noran playing from the red tees, who showed all the Japanese and Korean tourists there how it should be done.

Friday, Jan. 26,
The Emerald (white tees) – Stableford

1st Dan Dietz (11) 40pts

2nd Brad Gearie (12) 39pts

3rd Andy Leach (9) 38pts

Is there anybody else having problems with Emerald?  We were pushed back 40 minutes from our original starting time and stuck behind a slow gang of locals yet again.  I called to confirm our next booking only to be told that our tee time was moved back… so I cancelled.  Somebody there has lost the plot for bookings which is a shame as it is a popular course for locals and visitors.

There was a tight race at the podium and we found Andy and Dan right back up there.  Our Aussie mate Brad Gearie split the gap on 39 and it was Jimmy Dundon with another Caddy Smile near pin win!