Da shines brightest at Green Valley


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, August 8, Phoenix – Stableford

The Phoenix course just gets better and better and its quality was reflected in the scores today.  The greens on the Lake side are really starting to come right, although there are still some pin placements that are very difficult to get at.

Wan, Da and Karn back at The Billabong.
Wan, Da and Karn back at The Billabong.

With 4 groups playing, we were away on time and just flowed around the course in about 3ฝ hours.  It was a perfect day for golf with a lot of cloud cover to keep the heat out and the sweat off.

Out of 16 players there were only five golfers that didn’t reach 30 points or more.  Third place today went to John Cogan with 39 points and it was a count back between Louis Ventimiglia and Glyn Davies for top spot, both having the rounds of their lives with 41 points each.  But it was Louis that got the nod for the day’s honours with his 23 points on the back nine to Glyn’s 21.

There were two ‘2’s, coming from George Barrie and Mike Lausch.

Wednesday, August 10, Green Valley – Stableford

Flying in the face of all the evidence by experts, and particularly the professionals that play at Green Valley confirming that the present absurd layout is unsuitable, the management seem to continually disregard all alternative opinions.  On most golf courses the hardest hole (index 1 for mere mortals) is likely to be hole No. 5 – not the first hole as at Green Valley.  The second hardest hole is likely to be hole No. 16 – not the 18th as at Green Valley.  And guess what, the 18th hole is right by the side of the clubhouse.  Well would you believe it!  Come on management, acknowledge all the evidence around you and return the course back to the layout that all the professionals, when they visit Green Valley, insist on.

The day started with no breeze and was hot and steamy but the round finished with an ever increasing breeze which cooled the temperature to something that was acceptable.

Some familiar names appeared on the podium, for the ladies with Miss Karn losing out on a count back to Miss Wan on 38 points, but that steady performer Miss Da came through again, this time with room to spare with an excellent 42 points.

Many of the white tees were as far back as could be before they became blue tees but despite this Colin Goon edged JP Maffray for fourth place with 35 points.  Bill Peach went one step further with 36 points, losing out to John Deardon with 37.  Wayne Cotterell said he only had one game when he was in Australia for 6 weeks but somehow he has returned with renewed vigor and outstripped the field with 38 points.

There were three 2s today, going to Miss Karn, JP Maffray and Pete Le Noury.

Friday, August 12, Burapha – Stableford

Burapha on a clear day and the course was playing tough on the C and D loops.  These loops always play harder than the A and B loops and the greens have been recently sanded but they were still good to putt on, although a bit bumpy in places.

With 6 groups playing we were away a little early and back in record time.  There were good scores and a count back between Bob Philp, Gentry Harrington, Tony McDonough and John O’Keefe saw John getting the nod for fourth place over the others with a better back 6.  Third place went to Rick Culley with 35 points and second to Kevin Wild with 38, but going one better in top spot was Freddy Starbeck with 39 points.

There were two 2s recorded, coming from Auke and Rick Culley.