Consistent form pays dividends for Pavloff


IPGC Golf from the Tara Court Golf Society

Sunday, June 26, Green Valley – Stableford

A nice cool day here in Green Valley and though they had very heavy rain the previous night the course was dry and in good condition. Even the greens were ok despite the fact that they had recently been pole forked and sanded. The heavy rain had obviously washed the sand down.

Paul Pavloff.
Paul Pavloff.

It is hard to understand though why, when a few of the greens have some small but very bad patches on them, they didn’t repair them at the same time they were sanding them rather than waiting to do them later as they will have to be done at some stage.

Paul Pavloff continued his excellent golf and was again the winner today with a three over par round and thirty eight points. To make it even better he also had two 2’s.

As they say, ‘’Beware the injured golfer’’, as despite having a very sore foot Kevin Blake also played very well and came second with thirty seven points.

Then we had two players with thirty six points with Ged Foy winning the count back to take the third place and Bob St Aubin losing it and having to settle for fourth place. Kevin O’Sullivan took the fifth and last place with thirty four points.

1st Paul Pavloff (5) 38pts

2nd Kevin Blake (7) 37pts

3rd Ged Foy (19) 36pts

4th Bob St Aubin (14) 36pts

5th Kevin O’Sullivan (12) 34pts

2’s: Kevin O’Sullivan, Francis McGuigan and Paul Pavloff (2)

Tuesday, June 28, Greenwood – Stableford

Again a virtually private course here at Greenwood where we usually play every second week and normally we have the course to ourselves with not another soul in sight.  It has been excellent value up to this for low season but today they informed us that from next week the price was going up by three hundred baht.  I find it a strange decision with customers so scarce and two other equally as good courses in the same area and actually a bit closer to Pattaya not raising their prices.  We told the manager that and that if they didn’t reconsider we would have to think hard before we decided to come back and now we await his decision.

Dan Hobbs.
Dan Hobbs.

Back to the golf, today we played A and B nines off the white tees and as the course was wet after heavy rain on the night before it was playing very long which was reflected in the scores. In fact we had only one player who managed to play to his handicap.

Dan Hobbs, who was playing his last game for this trip, made it a good one by winning with thirty six points.  In second place was Declan Kelly with thirty five and Declan beat Kevin Blake in to third on the count back.  In fourth place with thirty four points was Russell Gilroy and Russell beat Craig Hitchens in to the fifth and last place on the count back.

1st Dan Hobbs (22) 36pts

2nd Declan Kelly (13) 35pts

3rd Kevin Blake (7) 35pts

4th Russell Gilroy (17) 34pts

5th Craig Hitchens (14) 34pts

2’s: Craig Hitchens, Paul Pavloff and Francis McGuigan.

Thursday, June 30, Burapha – Stableford

We played the A and B nines here today at Burapha and again had the course to ourselves.  It was probably because of all the rain we have had recently but today the course wasn’t in as good a condition as we have become used to with the rough, especially around the greens, very long.  The greens were a bit slower than usual. However, it was a perfect day for golf as it was not too hot and there was no rain which made it very enjoyable for everyone, especially a few who have just come over from Ireland for a visit.

Don Everett was the man of the match today and he won with thirty seven points. Kevin Blake, despite a shaky start still managed to play to his handicap thanks to a few birdies and he came second with thirty six points. Donal McGuigan took the third and last place with thirty five. We had no twos today.

On a side note, we have another friend who came over thinking he was going to beat one of our locals. This friend keeps a set of clubs here but this year in a desperate attempt to win he took a set half way around the world in the vain hope that he would win. But again he still had to accept defeat.

1st Don Everett (19) 37pts

2nd Kevin Blake (7) 36pts

3rd Donal McGuigan (17) 35pts

Note: The Tara Court Golf Group plays every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, leaving O’Gara’s Bar and Restaurant in the Tara Court on Pratamnak Rd. around 10.00 a.m. Sign up either in O’Gara or ring Joe on 089 249 1364.