Cho in sparkling form at Emerald


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Oct. 24, The Emerald – Stableford

Div. 1 (0-15)

1st Cho Gabryoung (10) 41pts

2nd Mike Sanders (6) 39pts

3rd Neil Wilkinson (12) 38pts

Div.2 (16+)

1st Richard Talbot (16) 38pts

2nd John O’Donoghue (17) 36pts

3rd Kenny Hole (18) 33pts

Cho Gabryoung.
Cho Gabryoung.

On Monday, with the bad weather still to arrive, the largest turnout of the week headed off to play Emerald.

With the numbers playing two divisions were required and in Division 1 Cho Gabr­young had another good day.  He has been recording some excellent scores during his time in Pattaya and at Emerald he produced his best score of the lot and his 41 points was easily good enough to take home the first prize.  The guys in second and third places also recorded excellent scores.  Mike Sanders finished second with 39 points and Neil Wilkinson was third on 38.

In Division 2, Richard Talbot, the Roadrunner, put in a tidy sprint to the finishing line and took the gold medal with 38 points.  He was followed home by the old chuffer, retired railwayman John O’Donoghue on 36 points and he in turn was followed home by the man who should be good at golf with a name like Kenny Hole.

Tuesday, Oct. 25, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

1st Seil Peter (7) 32pts

2nd Cho Gabryoung (9) 32pts

3rd Derek Thorogood (14) 32pts

On Tuesday the rain started whilst we were all trying to get the better of Mountain Shadow.  I ended up playing like ten men, nine dead and one dying, and finished last.

I have told you before about our mystery man who occasionally comes out of the shadows.  He goes by the name of Seil Peter and on this very damp day at Mountain Shadow he just managed to keep his head above water and beat Cho Gabryoung and Derek Thorogood on count back after all three finished on 32 pts.  After pocketing his ill-gotten gains he slunk back off to the shadows to fight SPECTRE or something.

Wednesday, Oct. 26, Parichat – Stableford

1st Dinga Doyle (14) 34pts

2nd Ian Smith (11) 33pts

3rd Billy Allen (19) 30pts

The TRGG headed off once again to the watery grave known as Parichat on Wednesday.  As if they hadn’t seen enough water this week.  Golfers always like a challenge and occasionally like to see a water fountain where they can cast coins in the water and wish for good luck.  At Parichat they toss golf balls in and wish they had stayed in bed.

Richard Talbot.
Richard Talbot.

It took the luck of the Irish to conquer this golfing graveyard.  Armed with his rabbit’s foot, lucky heather, four leaf clovers, leprechauns and saying ten hail Mary’s, Dinga Doyle survived to tell the tale of his winning round at Parichat.  He finished just one shot ahead of Ian Smith in second place and the man always down on his luck, Billy Allan, was third.

Thursday, Oct. 27, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Daryl Ottaway (8) 35pts

2nd Lawrence Lee (21) 35pts

3rd Mike Rushant (13) 34pts

At Green Valley on Thursday it was all very tight at the top of the leaderboard where the players were all treading on each other’s toes.  Old Bigfoot Daryl Ottaway managed to use his size to get the better of ever-slim Lawrence Lee and the ever-small Mike Rushant.

Friday, Oct. 28, Burapha – Stableford

1st Richard Talbot (15) 39pts

2nd Ian Smith (11) 38pts

3rd Tony Gliddon (14) 37pts

On Friday at Burapha (A and B courses) it was a case of form an orderly queue please.  Everybody did what they were told and Richard Talbot finished one point ahead of Ian Smith, who in turn finished one up on Tony Gliddon.

Everybody returned to the bar where we spent hours and hours watching the torrential rain fall from blackening skies and wondered whether we would ever get home again.  I have to report that we managed to drink our way through the dilemma.