Captain’s adventurous finish


PSC Golf from Billabong

Friday, 10th January



Burapha, our normal venue for Fridays, was absolutely jammed packed with Korean golfers and Capt. Bob couldn’t get the lads out of bed for an 8 o’clock start so we decided to try Parichat again. Now before all the negative votes come in, believe me when I say this course is well worth a go. It has been redesigned in places to make it a better course and apart from a couple of holes it’s well worth a look. In saying all that, the course was in great condition, just a little wet in places, and if the storm that hit the course about 1.30pm is any indication of what they are getting there, it was no wonder it was wet.

The scoring was also very good with most of the players scoring in the 30s. There were a few exceptions but nothing drastic. We played the shorter version off the yellow tees and everybody enjoyed their day out.

There was a three-way countback for the prizes, all on 38 points. Captain Cripple managed to take third place, scoring only 1 point in the last three holes. The slagging that went his way was terrible: smell the burning rubber, who threw out the anchor, etc., etc. The Captain’s feelings were severely dented but it was quite funny when his tee shot on 17 went into the drain in front of the tee. His drop nearly killed Dave Obrien and his 5th shot shank nearly killed Tim Knight, so scoring was out of the question on that hole. His tee shot on 18 went 10 yards straight sideways and cost him a drink for not making the ladies tee.

John Locke took second place with 19 points on the back nine and the big fella from Dubbo, Aussie Dave O’Brien scored 21 points on the back to take the top spot.

There were no twos which was a little strange as from the yellow markers the par threes are quite short.

Consensus opinion was we will be back.