Capeleris conquers the mud at Crystal Bay


PSC golf from The Bunker Bar

Monday, Oct. 18, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Leaving the Bunker Bar in bright sunshine, the large field of golfers was optimistic of a great day’s golf.  Arriving at Crystal Bay we discovered that there had been a massive downpour just prior to our arrival and the management decided there would be no buggies allowed on the course today.  Walking down the first fairway we soon discovered why, with thick mud oozing over the golf shoes and large tracks being made by the caddies’ trolleys.

Scotty Eaton.

Really the course should not have been open, but some golfers were able to rise to the challenge.  Visiting Aussie Con Capeleris in particular produced a superb score of 41 points to win the A flight.

A word of warning to golfers planning to visit Crystal Bay, one of our members had his mobile phone and wallet stolen from his locker during the round.  The attitude of the management was indifference, giving the impression that this may not be a rare event.

A Flight

1st Con Capeleris (13) 41pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (10) 35pts

3rd Steve Coppell (12) 33pts

B Flight

1st Paul Edgar (17) 37pts

2nd William Macey (16) 36pts

3rd Peter Habgood (18) 35pts

Near Pins: Con Capeleris, Geoff Hart, Peter Habgood and Gordon Melia.

Wednesday, Oct. 20, St. Andrews – Stableford

Our last visit to St. Andrews before the high season prices kick in produced a fine day’s golf.  The course was in good condition, and even the mowers were seen to be working on the fairways, for the first time anywhere in recent weeks.

A slightly earlier start than usual, but the round proceeded smoothly.  Peter Habgood produced the best golf of the day, with 18 points on the front nine, but nearly threw it away on the back nine, finishing ahead of the returning John McDonald and Roy Dayton.

1st Peter Habgood (18) 32pts

2nd John McDonald (9) 30pts

3rd Roy Dayton (20) 29pts

Near Pins: Gordon Melia and Ferdy(2).

Friday, Oct. 22, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

Given that we had played the sister course at Crystal Bay a few days earlier in totally boggy conditions, what a pleasant surprise to find the course here to be in excellent shape, and almost empty.

One group of golfers decided to take the route through Sri Racha and found the road through Bangpra town to be impassable due to flooding, eventually arriving at the course some 40 minutes after the first group had teed off.  Nevertheless, the round progressed smoothly for everyone in good weather, with the greens as tricky and slick as ever.

Always a good test of golf, the course favours the lower handicappers (more accurate) and on the day Scottie just beat Paul Edgar on a count-back to take first place.  Peter Habgood continued his recent good form, taking third place from the unlucky Geoff Hart, also on a count-back.

1st Scott Eaton (3) 33pts

2nd Paul Edgar (17) 33pts

3rd Peter Habgood (18) 32pts

Near Pins: Dave Ashworth, Gordon Melia, Paul Edgar and Nile Sheehan(2).