Cannon fires a broadside

Bob Cannon (left) & John Walker.
Bob Cannon (left) & John Walker.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, July 23, Silky Oak – Stableford

Division 1

1st Bob Newman (11) 42pts

2nd John Walker (05) 40pts

3rd Shane Te-Lee (14) 40pts

Division 2

1st Gerard Dogge (20) 40pts

2nd Arnold Jones (16) 39pts

3rd Eddie Townsend (19) 38pts

“Keep your head over the ball, swing easy and let the club do the work.” This is advice we have all heard before! But what they fail to tell you is that to achieve this, one has to indulge in an all night bender, master the “crab walk” and struggle to string two words together. Today’s winner, Bob Newman, could barely stand up on the first tee after arriving from an “all-nighter” but he proceeded to shoot the lights out, scoring two under par of the stick and turning with 26 points. Alcohol and sleep deprivation got the better of him on the back nine as he managed only sixteen points but he had already done enough to take the win.

In division two Gerard Dogge finally finished in first place with a commendable 40 points. Gerard has been struggling all season to put two nines together, turning in cards with scores of 21 & 9, 20 & 10, 19 & 8 etc but today he stayed focused for the entire round a was a deserved winner.

Tuesday, July 24, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Bob Cannon (21) 44pts

2nd Colin Smith (13) 38pts

3rd Daryll Ottaway (8) 37pts

After a “slightly” intoxicated Bob Newman cleaned up the field on Monday, it was a different Bob today as Bob Cannon fired a few shots over the yard arm and nonchalantly blasted 44 points before the weary Green Valley surrendered to the might of the “Old Sea Dog”.

Today’s Bob was not suffering from a hangover but complained of chronic pain and couldn’t even bend down to put his ball on the tee or retrieve it from the hole!

Wednesday, July 25, The Emerald – Medal

1st Bart Bingham (21) net 66

2nd Bill Reid (11) net 71

3rd Per Svenson (19) net 72

Today was our monthly TRGG-Ferdinand stroke round and once again the venue was Emerald. Stroke play is a favourite amongst Americans and it was the all-American Bart Bingham who carried the Star Spangled Banner around the course from start to finish. His gross 87 (net 66) “Trumped” the rest of the field and left them wandering around the prairies amongst the bison.

Thursday, July 26, Pattana – Stableford

1st Colin Smith (12) 36pts

2nd Masua Okado (21) 36pts

3rd Bart Bingham (20) 34pts

Thursday saw a welcome return to Pattana and the layout and condition of the course was impeccable, not to mention the extravagance of the changing rooms and the quality of the food in the restaurant.

The cool, calm and collected Colin Smith finished with a strong back-nine and by virtue of a count-back kept out Masua Okada and took the line honours with 36 points.

Friday, July 27, Burapha – Stableford

1st John Walker (5) 41pts

2nd Rod Ewan (15) 41pts

3rd Tony Cliff (10) 39pts

Two gentlemen from Wanneroo in Western Australia battled it out for first and second place today at Burapha. Johnny Walker, (yes it’s his real name) and Rod Ewan both finished with 41 points but there could only be one winner and after the usual count-back procedures it was Johnny who walked off the victor.

Saturday, July 28, Treasure Hill – Stableford

We finished the week at Treasure Hills where Johnny Walker continued his good form and finished his trip with another respectable score of 37 points. It’s always a pleasure to watch good golfers; they never appear to force the ball but just swing through the ball with confidence and let the club do the work.