Brooks crowned golfer of the month


PSC Tropical Golf from BJ’s

Tuesday, June 28, Bangpra – Stableford

This is usually one of our regular courses, especially during the low season, but so dry and hard was it the last time we played it we decided to give it a break for a couple of months. With the rain of late it seemed like an ideal time to return and see how much damage the shortage of rain had caused and how its recovery was in hand.

Landis Brooks (left) and Brian Parish (right) with one of BJ Holiday Lodge’s finest.
Landis Brooks (left) and Brian Parish (right) with one of BJ Holiday Lodge’s finest.

We had an early start on this day, and not unsurprisingly as is the situation at present, it appeared that the usage of the course was very light indeed. Away on time we had a light breeze and the promise of a bit if rain. The promise was from the caddies as it looked quite bright, but of course they were correct, well a bit.

The grass on first view looked fine but as we played on we saw large areas where there were heavy repairs and many bare patches. Just off the fairway the grass condition could be very rough, and on the fairways large areas were G.U.R. Where the fairway was not scored the grass was fine and you got a decent lie, but just off the fairway it could be horrendous. Sometimes, just on the edge of the fairways was not too good. But much more enjoyable to play than it had been a couple of weeks ago – or so said my hands which were not battered as they were here a couple of months back.

Takeshi Hakozaki (left) with Paul Sharples.
Takeshi Hakozaki (left) with Paul Sharples.

The greens were not like Bangpra greens and to those who play here regularly you know exactly what I mean. The greens varied greatly from average to really slow, with the occasional one with a bit of spirit. Some even reminded me of ‘Velcro’ but perhaps that is unkind.  We once thought of these greens as the best in the area but they have a long way to come back.

I suspect that given a couple of months with a bit of rain this course will be back to its best.  Talking of rain, the caddies did put the covers on the bags, and it did rain for a while, but how nice.  All in all what a pleasure to play here on this day and all the players thought that after the problems of late at most courses, Bangpra will be back at the top very soon.

The winner on the day was Brian Parish with 35 points ahead of Landis Brooks in second with 33 points and Derek Brook in third with 32 points.

We also had the BJ’s Golfer of the Month award to present today and the runaway winner in June was Landis Brooks.  Well done Landis!

Friday, July 1, Treasure Hill – Stableford

After analyzing local weather and pricing, we decided that Treasure Hill was the best value for the day, and 16 golfers saddled up for the trip.

We made the right choice in picking Treasure Hill: it’s a scenic and interesting course, the condition now is pretty good, and the price with buggy is excellent.  This is one course where risk-reward shots require some thought and those that just “hit and hope” are soon reaching into their bags for another ball.  Those greens though… if you are above the hole on some greens its one stroke down and two coming back.

We had about 30 minutes of rain and just as it got heavy enough to stop play it quite suddenly stopped.  Can we please have a local rule where caddies can hold an umbrella over you while putting?

Skill won out in the end, and Takeshi Hakozaki (H/cap 17) took the top spot with 35 points.  Good going Takeshi on a tough course with some rain!  Next came Paul Sharples (14) on count-back over Landis Brooks (8) at the 34 point mark.  Brian Parish took the final honors on a multi count-back race with 33 points.  Persistence pays.

Near Pins: Walter Baechli (2), Takeshi Hakozaki, Steve Truelove.