Brad – Sunday’s best


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Oct. 7, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Brad Dippie (7) 39pts

2nd Tony Adams (10) 38pts

B Flight

1st Eddy Beilby (18) 36pts

2nd William Hornick (12) 34pts

Near Pins:  No 4 Jim Brackett, No 9 Lee Adelly, No 12 Yui Bietry, No 16 Yui Bietry

The storm clouds gathered as the boys and girls made their way to Green Valley, which led to a couple of cancelations, but the expected storm did not materialize.

Aussie Brad Dippie was man of the match with a solid 39 points.  Brad needed every one of them as Tony Adams grabbed the flight silver just a stroke off the pace.  (Pattaya model) Yui Bietry was a further shot back of a podium place with 37 points.

Brad Dippie, right, with Eddy Beilby. Brad Dippie, right, with Eddy Beilby.

In B Flight it was Eddy ‘the eagle’ who was perched on the top of the podium with a steady even par round.  Eddy put a two point space between himself and a triumvirate of players which included William Hornick, Barry ‘the boot’ Copestake and Mickey ‘nine holes’ Beresford.  William took the silver in the resulting count back leaving Barry and Mick satangless at sea level.

Jim Brackett, William Hornick and Yui with a lovely pair shared the 2’s pot.

Tuesday, Oct. 9, Greenwood C&A – Stableford

1st Tony Adams (10) 32pts

2nd Paul Hack 32pts

The Wolveridge and Thomson designed Greenwood seemed to intimidate the society as a very modest group showed up to take it on.  The inform pair from down under Tony Adams and Paul Hack shared man of the match honours on this single flight day with a very modest 32 points. Tony edged Paul off the podium thanks to a count back.

Peter Goggin knocked in the only 2 of the day.

Wednesday, Oct. 10, Burapha A&B – Stableford

A Flight

1st Colin Davis (17) 39pts

2nd Barry Copestake (15) 37pts

B Flight

1st Jimmy Day (18) 38pts

2nd Walter Balechi (18) 34pts

The G/M ‘Donkey’ took his bi-weekly sojourn to the David Graham and Gary Panks test with 39 points for the A flight honours and man of the match.  The ‘Donkey’ was two clear of Barry ‘the boot’ Copestake.  For the second time this week the girl on fire was just a stroke of a podium place.

B Flight was marched home by Jimmy ‘the good captain’ Day whose very creditable 38 points was five clear of (we don’t see enough of him) Walter Balechi.  Peter ‘Don Corleone’ Henshaw failed to gain a podium place by a single stroke.

Jimmy made it a day to remember by sinking the only 2 of the day.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya land Soi 1, Beach Rd Soi13/13 near Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 0898260764.  Transport is provided.