Boysen walks the walk


PSC Golf from Colin’s Bar Golf Group

Sunday, Jan. 10, Silky Oak – Stableford

Another day at Silky Oak with another due on Tuesday so a few were taking a last practice ready for the Rayong Links comp starting later in the week.

Only 2 golfers managed to beat their handicaps today, Ian ‘San Mig’ Pickles and Paul West both with 39 point scores, with ‘San Mig’ taking the count back.  Six points back in third place was Jim Oakley while the rest of the scores were pretty dismal.

Christen Boysen.

1st Ian Pickles (16) 39pts

2nd Paul West (18) 39pts

3rd Jim Oakley (17) 33pts

Tuesday, Jan. 12, Silky Oak – Stableford

This was Day 1 of our 3-day Rayong Links championship and a fair field of 23 golfers set out with great expectations.  Alas the Donkey was missing with a bad back that had troubled him for the last week.

All the good scores were in the A flight today with 70% of the flight playing to their handicap or better while no-one in B flight managed to break par, but a 3-day comp is more of a marathon than a sprint and you have to pace yourself.

As predicted by himself, Christen ‘the modest one’ Boysen led the day with 40 points in A flight while John Carlton came second with 38 and there were then three players tied on 37 points; Phil Davies, Peter Blackburn and Peter Hynard, and two more on 36, Tom McManus,and Andy Kelleher.

Stuart Mann kept the flag flying for B flight with a solid 35 points with Mogens one back in second and Adian Murray one more shot back in third.

Near pins were claimed by Peter Blackburn, Phil Davies, Mogens Melander and John Carlton while the long Putt awards went to Peter Blackburn and Peter Hynard.

Wednesday, Jan. 13, Green Valley – Stableford

A higher turnout today with 32 players for the second day of the championship and B flight came roaring back with the queen of Green Valley, Nat Rukkid, recording the best score of the week so far with a  very solid 41 points to put her up in contention with the leaders.  Nat was followed by Mogens Melander with 39 points to take the overall lead going into day 3, this included an Eagle 3 on the 10th hole.  The Handicap Sec. Adian Murray and Stu Mann kept in touch with 34 & 31 points respectively,

In A flight the day 1 winner was rather quiet in the locker room after the game.  We may forget how to spell his name if this keeps up.  Jan-Roger Ulriksen, who was not playing all 3 days, came top in the division today with 39 points followed by Ian Pickles on 36 and Andy Kelleher & John Carlton with 33 & 32 points respectively.

Near pins went to Andy Kelleher, Ian Pickles & Nick Shaw and the long putts were claimed by Simon Feley & Phil Davies.

Thursday, Jan. 14, St. Andrews – Stableford

The final day of the 3-day comp saw the field all bunched up with the top 5 players all within 5 shots of each other, so it was to be a battle of the strongest nerve with the last 2 groups all seeded to add to the tension.

With 19 players contesting the day it was Paul B Garvey, playing just the last day, who took second place in B flight with 37 points, but in first was Aidan Murray who had a brilliant 39  point return to win the flight and also take the runner-up overall in the 3 day event.

John Carlton finished in second place in A flight today with a steady 35 points only to lose out to Aidan by one shot in the overall.  But the clear winner of both the day and the 3-day event was Christen Boysen with a final day 41 points (I saw Aidan making notes).

Near Pins were claimed by Nat Rukkid, Andy Kelleher, Phil Davies and Paul Garvey and the long putts went to Peter Blackburn and Christen Boysen.