Bowlers rally in emotional tribute at ‘Who’s ya Daddy’ event

Frank, Mike, and Gung proudly hold the ‘Who’s Ya Daddy’ trophy, a poignant symbol crafted from Aaron’s cherished bowls, capturing the spirit of camaraderie and victory at the Retreat Lawn Bowls Club in 2023.

PATTAYA – THAILAND: In a poignant weekend tribute on October 21-22, the Retreat Lawn Bowls Club became the stage for the much-anticipated “Who’s Ya Daddy” bowls competition, honouring the memory of the late Aaron New. Originating from the northeast of England, Aaron was not just a bowler; he was a vibrant personality known for his love of sports, particularly bowls and golf.

Aaron’s distinctive trademark, the resounding call of “Who’s ya Daddy,” echoed across the green whenever he witnessed a remarkable shot. His passionate and exuberant approach left an indelible mark on the bowls community. Over 100 players and friends, united by their shared love for the sport and respect for Aaron, converged at the event to pay homage to a man who brought joy and enthusiasm to the game.

More than a mere competition, the “Who’s Ya Daddy” bowls event served as a heartfelt celebration of Aaron’s life and enduring legacy. The camaraderie among participants was palpable as they reminisced about the larger-than-life character who had left an indelible impact on the local sports scene.

The coveted “Who’s Ya Daddy” trophy, a fitting symbol crafted from Aaron’s own set of bowls, found its way into the hands of the 2023 winners: Frank, Mike, and Gung. The honour was not just recognition of their skill on the green but a nod to the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship that Aaron had embodied.

Beyond the thrill of competition, the weekend also became a platform to raise funds for a noble cause. Donations and a raffle contributed to the creation of a memorial bench, now prominently placed at the Retreat Lawn Bowls Club. This enduring fixture stands as a testament to Aaron’s influence, offering a place for reflection and shared memories within the club he held dear.

As the bowls community bids farewell to Aaron “Who’s Ya Daddy” New, his legacy lives on in the echoes of cheers across the green and the enduring bonds forged in the spirit of sportsmanship and celebration. The “Who’s Ya Daddy” event not only showcased the skill of bowlers but also reinforced the idea that, in the world of sports, it’s the shared moments and connections that truly define a community.

Over 100 players and friends gather, bound by their shared passion for the sport and deep respect for Aaron, creating a powerful tribute that echoes with joy and enthusiasm at the ‘Who’s Ya Daddy’ bowls event.