Bob Paine plays a different golf course

Winner Bob Paine with Phil Davies presenting.

PSC Links Golf Society
Wednesday, Sept. 22
Pattavia Century Golf Club

It would be easy to believe that Bob Paine played on a different Pattavia course than the rest of our ten players. His group will confess that he was with them all day, however.

His score of 42 points had him ten points clear of in-form Petur Petursson. Who scores 40 points at Pattavia anyway? Well done to Bob, who had one of those days we all aspire to whenever we hit the fairways.

With 32 points on the card, Petur was surprised to not only be in a place, but second place at that.

David Rose has been playing very much on only one or two courses. Now he has decided to branch out and get some variety. David, playing from a #3 handicap, was a welcome addition to our ranks on Wednesday.

He won a three-way countback on 30 points to grab third spot and his first placing at Links Golf.

David beat Phil Davies on the countback, so when Phil was called as ‘best front nine’ winner, he declared that it was his first pink envelope in 15 months or so.

Mike Tottenham, forever in the thick of things, won the ‘best back nine.’

Winners at Pattavia
1st Place – Bob Paine (22) – 42 pts
2nd Place – Petur Petursson (5) – 32 pts
3rd Place – David Rose (3) – 30 pts c/back x 3
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Phil Davies – 16 pts c/back
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Mike Tottenham – 15 pts

We seemed to have missed out on Pattavia in recent months and so it was good to get back here. The fairways are in excellent condition, and reasonably firm, considering the amount of rain about recently. Even so, there was not a lot of run.

The ‘much talked about’ greens are in great shape, but they have been slowed slightly from their ‘unplayable’ best, much to the relief of putters. Incidentally, Bob did have 3×3 putts.

Although the sky was heavy all day with dark clouds, they produced only two very brief showers during the round which wasn’t enough to hold up play, and all three groups finished in less than four hours.