Blaw bests the field at Pattana


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, April 27, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Steve Burton (28) 37pts

2nd Jamie King (17) 36pts

3rd Andre Holmem (16) 35pts

4th Peter Coyne (12) 31pts

Following the end to the water festival the golfing community is slowly returning to life in Pattaya once again, but with many players still away there remain a few holes in the start sheets and the numbers look poor in contrast to previous years.

(L-R) Steve Burton, Lyle Blaw and Jamie King.(L-R) Steve Burton, Lyle Blaw and Jamie King.

It surely cannot be the situation in Thailand, as things would appear to be a great deal better than last year, so the general world slowdown must be having an effect allied to the rising costs of golf in the area.  In the circumstances, it cannot be long before one or more of the course managements recognize that there must be a better way forward than raising caddy costs and trying to introduce more carts as a way to increase revenue.  A new approach could well see the return to the local courses of many of the foreign national residents who now find it too expensive as a hobby that, in some cases, they came to Thailand to enjoy in their retirement.

Pattaya Country Club are one of the local courses that are trying to generate more sales with a keener pricing policy and following the opening of their new clubhouse and changing facilities, which are excellent, the numbers of golfers on the course would indicate that they are going in the right direction.

However, the newly laid back-nine has some way to go to become a favourite of the players but it still offers a good day’s golf at a reasonable price.

Steve Burton took his first win with the group on Monday, having spent some time back in England having lessons and a multitude of tips from James Hawley, his local PGA teacher.  Steve shot a one under handicap return that just edged out Jamie King by the slimmest of margins.  Andre Holmem returned to Pattaya golf with a solid round that earned him third place ahead of Peter Coyne in fourth.

There were no 2’s on the day in either division.

Wednesday, April 29, Pattana A & C – Stableford

Yellow tees

CSS 73

1st Lyle Blaw (11) 40pts

2nd Peter Skinner (12) 35pts

3rd John Carlin (19) 32pts

4th Peter Coyne (12) 31pts

Another course that is trying to attract a greater share of the market than it previously enjoyed is Pattana, where the emphasis is also directed at the condition of the three nines.  This is showing good results as the fairways and greens are currently some of the best in the area.

Lyle Blaw shook the field as he swept to the top of the podium with the best of the week four under handicap, which almost saw him back to playing as a single figure player after a hiatus of over two years.

Having taken 22 points from the front nine, Lyle then completed the back at level handicap but sadly marred his card with the only six, on the index 1 sixth on the C course, but it was still indeed a round to be well pleased with in the end.

Peter Skinner slipped into a clear second place, five back but three ahead of third, as he also struggled on the sixth on C, failing to score, but had done enough in the early part of the day to stay in front.

John Carlin had a happy return after a lightning round trip to Sydney, being that third placed player after he had been in contention after nine but then slipped on the inward half and had to settle for a one point advantage over fourth placed man Peter Coyne.  Peter had also been in touch until the back nine but then slipped in a couple of zeros towards the end.

Once again there were no 2’s in either division.

Friday, May 1, Greenwood – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Jamie King (17) 34pts

2nd Benny Hansen (25) 29pts

3rd Darryl Kellett (12) 23pts

The third course of the week was another of the local ones trying to make a difference, but sadly there were many regulars missing from the start sheet as they celebrated the May Day holiday, no doubt in memory of the days when they too were workers.

Jamie King took full advantage, securing his first win with the Haven group with a two over return that was by far the best of the day as the course really showed how hard it can play on occasions, but with another group also playing and faring somewhat better with their scoring the CSS stayed at level 72 for the day.

Benny Hansen was the best of the rest, five behind in second place but six ahead of Darryl Kellett in third

For the third occasion in the week there were no 2’s in either division.

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