Birch back with a bang


The Golf Club weekly review

Monday, Dec. 12, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Phil Smedley (14) 35pts

T2nd Martin Zimmerman (14) 33pts

T2nd Gary Emmett (14) 33pts

The ebb and flow of tourists continues and the alleged “high season” has not really developed as of yet but we still soldier on.  The weather has been fantastic and just about all of the local courses are in great shape now.  If only that Pound Sterling would get a good bounce then things might pick up!

Phil Smedley (left) with Fred Birch and Alan Rothwell.
Phil Smedley (left) with Fred Birch and Alan Rothwell.

It was a lovely day to play Green Valley and the lads took advantage of the fact.  Low scores may be due to the bit of wind that kicked up, at least that was the excuse floating round the bar chatter.

Gary Emmett and Martin Z-Man could only find 33 points out there but that was enough for them to tie at the second place slot.  The big winner today was our own Capt. Phil Smedley who has been playing well again.

Tuesday, Dec. 13, The Emerald (white tees) – Stableford

1st Fred Birch (21) 40pts

T2nd Alan Rothwell (7) 36pts

T2nd Gary Emmett (18) 36pts

Better scores were on the cards today as The Emerald gave up more than Monday’s outing.  We actually had 3 blokes that shot to their handicap or better out there.  Phil won it all the previous day but here could only claim the Caddy Smile near pin.  Gary Emmett was the bridesmaid again as his fine 36 on the card was the same as the Mayor of New York, Alan Rothwell.

We don’t know what got into Freddy Birch out there but would sure like to find out.  This really is a crazy game and you never know when a good day will turn out to be a great day.  It doesn’t matter if you get to sleep early and practice all day, the Gods of Golf will determine your score on the day.  Today was all Fred’s as a brilliant round of 40 points seemed like a walk in the park for Mr. Birch.  Maybe some of Alan Rothwell’s tips are starting to take hold?

Friday, Dec. 16, Mt. Shadow (white tees) – Stableford

1st Alain Hefner (16) 40pts

2nd Alan Rothwell (6) 38pts

3rd Fred Birch (21) 34pts

Some of the usual suspects managed to climb up on today’s podium as we found Freddy Birch with his name in lights once again.  Fred’s pal Alan Rothwell netted 4 points to the better for a sole second place trophy with a great 38 on the card.

Another 40 point round this week saw Alain Hefner shoot the same number as Fred did on Tuesday.  Hitting that elusive 40 point mark is a great feeling and here’s to a well-deserved win for Alain.

Thank you for your support gentlemen, and keep it in the fairway!