Big fish prove elusive once more


Sea fishing with KPK Food Services Ltd

Our first trip of the New Year on January 26, and it was a beautiful day out on the ocean; there was a nice cooling breeze, the sea was calm and we hoped it was also full of very hungry fish.

When we arrived at the first fishing ground the captain advised us that the tide was running very fast and it would be better not to use small rigs to start with and put out only larger rigs and hope the biggies would hit.  Sadly one or two of the passengers were not very experienced and insisted that they throw in their small rod set ups as well.  After about 20 minute and many tangles the large rigs were pulled in and it was drifting all day for the smaller species.

Leif Jansson (right) and Ken Woolley (left) hold up their prize catches. Leif Jansson (right) and Ken Woolley (left) hold up their prize catches.

Also, unfortunately beyond my control, we did have too many passengers on board today which compounded some of the problems.  However it was not all doom and gloom: the smaller species were in abundance and all the passengers caught many fish ranging from 1 pound to 4 pounds in weight.  Very tasty they are too.

Leif Jansson claimed the biggest fish prize of a 500 baht voucher donated by KPK Food Services Ltd.  With a fish of the same species only one quarter of a pound lighter was Ken Woolley.

The next trips will be limited to 6 passengers maximum and will be on the 11th and 25th February.  If anyone would like to come along, please call me on 087 091 7565