Beilby on fire at St. Andrews


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, May 30, Burapha – Stableford
1st George Hensher (34) 41pts
2nd Patrick Regan (15) 40pts
3rd Bob Lindborg (26) 40pts
4th John O’ Keefe (18) 38pts
5th Murray Sheppard (24) 38pts

(From left) Ryuta Hirose, Andy Makara, Micky Beresford, Eddie Beilby and Steve Mann.
(From left) Ryuta Hirose, Andy Makara, Micky Beresford, Eddie Beilby and Steve Mann.

George Hensher has been complaining that his handicap is too high and has been going up for the last six months. That all got put to rest today as George, having struggled for many months with a bad shoulder, finally got his game together. Now all we need is for George and his marker learning to count, as he thought he had 37 points instead of 41, so quite a big gap!
Luckily for George, the Outback is the only society in Pattaya that uses the PSC issued USGA software, resulting in zero errors as long as the gross scores are correct and pick-ups are crossed out. And for those of you that wonder, the only time you are disqualified according to USGA rules is when you enter a lower gross score on a hole than actually achieved. You cannot be disqualified for putting down the wrong stableford points or added up wrongly, whether higher or lower.

According to the USGA rules, it’s the job of the committee (bar society in our case) to ensure stableford points and additions are done correctly, something which we are meticulous about at the Outback.

Sugar Ray Handford (2nd left) and Dennis Pelly (2nd right) enjoy the company of the Outback Queensland supporters fan club.
Sugar Ray Handford (2nd left) and Dennis Pelly (2nd right) enjoy the company of the Outback Queensland supporters fan club.

Back to our golf on the day, Pat Regan who thought he had won prior to the above error being discovered had to settle for second place after losing on count back to Bob Lindborg – both with fantastic scores of 40 points. In fourth place, John O’Keefe beat Murray Sheppard on count back, both with 38 points.
Peter Stonebridge was the only person that recorded a ‘2’ today.

Wednesday, June 1, Treasure Hill – Stableford
1st James Brackett (8) 34pts
2nd Dennis Pelly (14) 34pts
3rd Nev Jolley (20) 33pts

Treasure Hill is a tough course and very rarely do we see someone playing better than handicap, even with the generous slope rating applied. And that was again the case today. The course is not in as great a shape as it has been, but still very respectable in my view.

Nev Jolley, who hadn’t played for some time, finished in third place with a respectable 33 points while Dennis Pelly had a great front nine and couldn’t do much wrong, but bombed out on the back nine to finish with 34 points total for second place. As can be expected at Treasure Hill, a lower handicapper took the honours for the day, with Jimmy Brackett doing wonderfully well to record a low-80’s gross and 34 points. Jimmy also scored the only ‘2’ on the day. Good job Jimmy!

Friday, June 3, St. Andrews – Stableford
A Flight
1st Eddy Beilby (20) 43pts
2nd Stephen Mann (13) 42pts
3rd Christopher Wilmott (16) 40pts
B Flight
1st Ryuta Hirose (21) 40pts
2nd Andrew Makara (30) 39pts
3rd Michael Beresford (22) 37pts

We had a surprisingly good turnout for a rainy low season day but with a few lightning bolts and some heavy rain, 3 players packed it in as early as the 2nd hole. For those that persisted, the day turned out quite pleasant, with nice cool weather.

Playing in two divisions, with Division B being for 21-handicap and up, Mickey Beresford beat off a bunch of other 37-pointers to finish in third place in the second flight. Andy Makara did well to finish on 39 points in second and Ryuta Hirose from Japan, who has been playing with us during the last few weeks, put together a nice round to finish first on 40 points.

In the A division, Chris Wilmot scored great to finish on 40 points for third place but Steve Mann had an even better 42 points to finish second. Neither of those scores were enough though to hold off the charge of Eddie Beilby, who took the win with a brilliant 43 points and also earn him the sandbagger of the day award.
Steve Mann cleaned up with the only ‘2’ on the day.