Beckett blitz at Phoenix


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Thunderstorms and more thunderstorms made life very testing for the patrons of the TRGG this past week, and dodging the lightening and the downpours certainly kept everybody on their toes.

I also learnt an interesting lesson this week by watching a fellow competitor and thoroughly decent guy named Geoff Beckett.  Now Geoff would be the first to admit that he will never be god’s gift to golf, he is a high handicapper and I could write a novel on the things he was doing wrong in his golf swing.  On Tuesday of last week he was having a torrid time hacking his way round a very damp Greenwood but on Thursday with a little positive thinking he amassed an amazing 43 pts playing at Phoenix to win the competition with shots to spare.  So no matter how badly you play one day, just put it behind you, think positive and do a Beckett.

Tewin ‘Poopay’ Lamthong - top performing lady and second at Phoenix. Tewin ‘Poopay’ Lamthong – top performing lady and second at Phoenix.

Monday 12th November saw the TRGG head off to play Khao Kheow and I am pleased to report that all that “ground under repair” of a few weeks back has disappeared and the course is looking good again.  Still a very testing course as the scores reflected.  Mike Rushant (12) continued his good form of the previous week and took the honours with 35 pts.  Magnus Alvares (14) finished second on 32 pts and Jim Cleaver (12) came in third on 29 pts.

As previously mentioned, on Tuesday 13th November we headed off to Greenwood where the wet weather had taken its toll.  The fairways were lush with virtually no run and the normally exceptional greens are taking their time to recover from a good winter dressing.

Ed Brubaker (13) however found the course no trouble at all and shot an excellent 40 pts to take first place.  Magnus Alvares (14) finished second two days in a row with 37 pts and Masa Takana (7) was third on 35 pts.

Thursday 14th November at Phoenix (Lake and Ocean courses) was Beckett day.  Geoff (30) took the course apart with 43 pts, whilst the best ladies performance of the week went to Tewin Poopay Lamthong (11) who came in second on 39 pts.  Ross Bunce (12) was third on 37 pts.

On Saturday 17th November TRGG headed off to Crystal Bay (C and A courses) our regular Saturday venue.  Ed Brubaker (11) despite being docked a shot off his handicap after his efforts at Greenwood still managed to stay ahead of the rest of the field by shooting 38 pts to win the competition.  Mike Lam (21) rode into second with 37 pts and Paul Stanton (14) cantered into third place with 36 pts.